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Creating An Accessible Gift Registry For Wedding Guests

Friday 10th Nov 2023 |

Once you start planning your wedding it won’t be long before your guests start asking about your gift registry. For many couples, putting together a gift registry can be an excellent way to ensure that they don’t end up with six toasters but do get some of the practical things that they would like. 

Read on as we take a look at how you go about creating a gift registry and what makes them such a good idea. 

What is a gift registry?

A gift registry is simply a wish list of the items that you might want people to buy you when you get married. It is controlled by the store where you are registered and as items are purchased, they are removed from the list to avoid duplication. 

Getting started

The first step towards creating your gift registry is to look at what options are available to you. There are plenty of companies who offer a gift registry service with in-person shopping options and also online options for those guests who don’t live locally. This will cater to those who prefer to shop in person and those people who prefer to do everything over the internet. 

You should also consider what you might like to have on your list, and it is a good idea to ensure you offer a good range of items in different price brackets so that people can shop to their budget. Once you have your list of items you would like to consider, it is a good idea to take a look in person and decide exactly what shades and patterns you would like on things like towels, crockery etc. 

Why is a gift registry a good idea?

As we have already mentioned, the last thing you want is to receive duplicates of the same gift. Nowadays, with many couples combining two households for several years before choosing to tie the knot, many couples already have many of the more traditional items that traditionally serve as wedding gifts, making the whole thing much trickier for guests. 

Having a registry means that you won’t have to field questions from your guests about what you might like. It gives them a clear list and plenty of options to pick from. When your guests pick something from your gift registry, they know that what they have selected is something that you will love. 

What sort  of things should you put on your list?

Your gift registry is personal to you as a couple. There are no hard and fast rules regarding the items that you might want to include on it. If you are combining two households then you may have many of the things that would traditionally appear on a list, but this may be an opportunity to replace some of these things. 

This is a good opportunity to look at what you do have and consider those items that you would love but wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourselves. 

Popular choices on any wedding gift registry include homewares, decorative items like cushions, vases and mirrors to help you complete the look of your home and add those personal touches. Kitchenware is also a very popular addition to any gift registry, whether you would like to replace your pan set, purchase some new professional chef quality knives or even consider new dinnerware for formal or informal use. Your list should be a reflection of you as a couple, containing items both large and small to suit all budgets – some people may also prefer to purchase a number of the smaller items on your list, rather than one big one.