Crave’s List; 5 tips to introduce natural materials into your décor

Thursday 23rd Jul 2020 |

Want to bring a more organic look into your home? Here, Richard Eaton, Design Director at Poole Pottery, shares five great ways of working natural materials into your décor.

With environmental awareness on the rise, it’s not surprising that more and more people are looking to incorporate more organic elements into their home. And, one of the best ways of doing this is by introducing natural materials.

Stylistically speaking, natural materials can work with any décor and, because they’re timeless, they’ll never fall out of fashion. They can make your home feel more connected with the world, while still coming off as the epitome of sophistication. They can also make you feel better about your space, whether that’s because you’ve surrounded yourself with greenery, you’ve made sustainable choices for your home, or both.

To help you get inspired, I’ve shared five great ways to effortlessly work natural materials into your home the next time you’re redecorating.

Choose wood flooring and furniture

When you think of natural materials in the home, wood is probably top of the list. It’s simply one of the easiest elements to incorporate, and is incredibly versatile in the sheer amount of finishes and uses it can offer.

The most obvious ways you can introduce wood into your décor is through furniture and flooring. A huge range of options are available for furniture, from statement coffee tables made with reclaimed driftwood to rattan chairs for your conservatory. Because it’s so adaptable, it’s difficult to go wrong, so put choosing wooden pieces you love at the top of your agenda.

Wooden floors also offer a great deal of choice for styling. A more rustic feel can be created with unfinished floorboards, while engineered, interlocking tiles can help you achieve a put-together look. You may also wish to consider whether any wooden flooring beneath your carpets is of a high enough quality to be uncovered, then sanded and stained to retain your home’s original feature.

Celebrate the raw beauty of brickwork

In recent years, the beauty of raw brickwork has been reappraised and what was once covered up is now celebrated for its natural look. An exposed wall can easily become a standout feature of your home, and it can work with a range of styles, from country to industrial.

However, not every home is blessed with the features necessary to create this look, particularly if you have a newbuild, so you’re definitely lucky if you have the option. It should also be noted that exposing bricks requires careful planning, as you will be taking apart a section of your home and there is no guarantee that what lies beneath will be what you’re looking for. If you’re not quite ready to take on an entire wall, you could opt to expose just a section or a fireplace, should you have the choice.

Turn your home into a green paradise

natural materials

Perhaps the easiest way to bring natural materials into your home is by filling it with some gorgeous plants. Even if you’re not particularly green-fingered, there are lots of low maintenance species that only require occasional watering thanks to their hardy nature. Popular choices include rubber plants, peace lilies, Chinese money plants, and yucca trees.

Terrariums — plants and soil encased in their own glass container — are also becoming a must-have item in the home due to their unique look and ease of care. Thanks to the tiny ecosystem created inside each one when sealed, they’re pretty much self-sustaining, so you won’t need to devote time to their care. You can buy terrariums ready-made or even have a go at making your own.

Invest in nature-inspired ceramics

When you’re looking to add some natural accents to your home, investing in ceramics, such as vases, decorative bowls, and ornaments, that have been inspired by nature in their design is a fantastic choice. Floral or animal designs that have been painted in blues, greens, and other earthy tones are very on trend and will add personality to your space. 

Plus, if you pick out some handmade earthenware pottery, there’s also the added bonus that this is made with completely natural materials, in keeping with the theme of your redecoration.

Add natural stone in your kitchen and bathroom

Natural stones, such as marble, granite, quartz, and travertine, have long been a popular choice for interiors that have a feeling of organic minimalism. They’re often selected in neutral tones, providing a solid foundation for other, more eye-catching features, as well as building texture in a room. You can choose a type of stone to suit your décor — for instance, marble is a timeless choice, sandstone or travertine will create warmth, and granite or basalt will match a grand interior.

Kitchens and bathrooms are both rooms in which natural stone is a popular choice. If you choose to cover a surface in the material it will help to anchor the space and bring other elements, such as metallic fixtures or coloured tiles, into play. Natural stone is also a good choice for countertops, floors, backsplashes, and shower basins, as it’s hardwearing and low maintenance.

I hope these five tips will inspire you to work some natural materials into your décor. If you follow them, you can look forward to a timeless style that also makes you feel good about your home. 

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