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Saturday 09th Jan 2021 |

Correxiko specialises in marine collagen and bovine collagen. Their marine collagen is derived from wild-caught, unfarmed fish in the pristine Canadian waters, using only the fish skin, which has the largest concentration of collagen.

Additionally, unlike farmed fish Collagen from China and Vietnam, where environmental standards haven’t been established yet, CORREXIKO marine collagen contains no heavy metals or other harmful ingredients. They do not use fish that have been exposed to high levels of pollutants, antibiotics, GMO feed and growth hormones.

CORREXIKO collagen

It’s important to look for quality and efficacy when choosing a collagen brand. This is at the heart of CORREXIKO collagen, which was founded by a British medical doctor and his researcher wife, and launched in the USA in 2016, where it is now one of the top selling collagen brands.

CORREXIKO bovine collagen is only sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised, non-factory bred cattle. It is third-party verified and fully traceable to each farm. It is antibiotic and hormone free, and never comes from countries where environmental standards are not yet established. 

CORREXIKO collagen

All CORREXIKO collagen is double hydrolysed to create the most absorbable and fast acting collagen peptides in the industry. CORREXIKO do not use poorly hydrolysed collagen from wholesalers or gelatine (poorly absorbed by the body) that has been called ‘collagen’. 

In our early to mid 30s, we notice the first tell-tale signs of wrinkles around the eyes. We may also notice aches in our joints for the first time, which coincides with the slowing down of the body’s natural collagen production. Collagen not only influences skin and joint health, but also plays a significant role in hair and gut health. 

Nutritionist Naomi Newman-Beinart says: “Healthy collagen levels are essential as they play an important role in the strength and resilience of our skin, and are responsible for skin elasticity, smoothness and hydration. Numerous scientific studies show that collagen synthesis can be promoted with the oral intake of collagen peptides and can reduce lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, whilst increasing elasticity and firmness, improving skin hydration and moisture, and strengthening the dermal matrix to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.”

“Collagen also makes your hair stronger and can strengthen the bones and joints, meaning decreased cartilage tissue degeneration, reduced joint pain and increased mobility. The combination of these effects results in improved mineral density and physical strength of the bones. Studies show the positive effects of collagen peptides on older people with low bone mineral density, such as post- menopausal woman.”

“Collagen may also help with appetite control, by making you feel fuller for longer and may also boost metabolism, supporting weight loss. CORREXIKO collagen peptides have been double hydrolysed to create easily absorbable collagen and includes important amino acids, such as glutamine, which has been shown to strengthen gut lining and help with digestive issues, such as ‘leaky gut’.”

How to take: Take two rounded tablespoons (10g) of powder and place into a clear glass cup. Add hot or cold water, and stir gently till all the powder dissolves. This will take all of 30 seconds. Our powder is ultra-fine, and this may initially result in some clumps, but just keep stirring, it will all dissolve. CORREXICO collagen is tasteless, odourless, and dissolves completely.

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