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Coffee is voted the UK’s favourite hot drink overall 

UK’s favourite hot drink

It’s official – the majority of Brits (49%) would pick a cup of coffee as their hot drink of choice, compared to 48% who choose tea. 

New research carried out by furniture suppliers Furniture at Work has uncovered the hot drink habits of the Great British public, with surprising results that look set to shock lovers of tea across the country. 

Despite being famous for producing Yorkshire Tea, Sheffield has the lowest percentage of tea lovers and the highest percentage of coffee drinkers. Only 3-in-10 Sheffield residents would choose tea as their favoured hot drink, with almost two-thirds (65%) saying coffee.  

Edinburgh remained a solid stronghold for the brew and came out top for tea drinkers, with 68% choosing tea as their hot drink of choice.  

The five top and bottom cities for each drink were as follows: 

Interestingly, of those aged between 18-24, 66% said that coffee was their hot drink of choice. This is compared to 55% of those aged 65+ who prefer tea. 

Women were much more likely to prefer a cup of tea than men, with 52% of women opting for a brew as their hot drink of choice compared to only 43% of men. The opposite is true of coffee, with 54% of men preferring a cup of java compared to just 44% of women. 

A spokesperson from Furniture at Work commented on the findings: 

“In offices around the country, taking a tea or coffee break is often one of the most important times of the day. Although the UK is often known for its love of a cup of tea, it seems that the younger generations are shunning this in favour of the potentially trendier coffee options available and coffee could become our national drink in the future. 

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