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Coffee Cocktails; Full of beans!

The cocktail experts over at The Bottle Club have rounded up three alternative espresso martini recipes to shake up, plus four simple ways to take your martini recipes from zero to hero.  

Whether you shake up a classic espresso martini, or add a spoonful of Biscoff to your mix, there are plenty of ways you can take your coffee cocktail from basic to brilliant!: 

Coffee Cocktails – Biscoff Espresso Martini 

Just when you thought an espresso martini couldn’t get any better, behold the Biscoff espresso martini. Perfect for those looking to impress a date, or for a fun night in with friends…

Credit: Instagram/ @balticmarket

What you’ll need: 

How to make: 

Add the ice, vodka, coffee liquor and lotus sauce/melted spread together in your cocktail shaker. Shake it up, pour into a martini glass and enjoy. 

Alternatively, if you are in a rush then you can add Lotus Biscoff sauce to Bottleproof Espresso Martini in a cocktail shaker with ice. Bottle Proof pre-made cocktails are ideal for those having a last minute get together. 

Coffee Cocktails – The Cold-Fashioned

If you’re more of a bourbon fan, then this punchy twist on the classic Old Fashioned uses trendy cold brew coffee along with coffee liqueur. Serve in a chilled rocks glass with an orange twist for the ultimate after-dinner treat. 

Credit:Unsplash / @Pylypsukhenko



Fill a chilled glass with big cubes of ice and add your bourbon, coffee liqueur and cold brew. Use a spoon to stir it all together gently, so you don’t break the ice cubes up. Using a vegetable peeler, take a thin strip of orange zest and squeeze the aromatic orange oils all over your drink (you can rub the zest around the rim for a more intense flavour)  

Coffee Cocktails – Espresso Tonic

Forget sipping on a gin and tonic after dinner, why not try an espresso tonic instead? Using just two ingredients, this is a brilliant alcohol-free way to get that espresso martini kick, without all of the booze; perfect if you’re the designated driver. 

Credit: Unsplash/@mateusz-butkiewicz



The ratio for an espresso tonic is 1:2 of espresso to tonic water, but this can be adjusted based on your preferences. 

Brew your espresso in a small jug or shot glass and let stand while you prepare your glass. 

Take a chilled glass and fill it with big cubes of ice. Pour the tonic water and let the bubbles settle before gently pouring your coffee on top. This will create a beautiful separation between the tonic and the coffee, perfect for an Instagram snap. 

The BottleClub’s Mixology Masterclass: Espresso Martini 

Whether you’re shaking up a classic, or going for one of our alternative suggestions, there are some bartender tips and tricks you can use to level up your espresso martini. 

  1. Chill your glass

It’s so important to chill your glass before serving any coffee based cocktail. This extra step will keep your drink cooler for longer (and you’ll get that frosted glass effect too). Simply place the glasses in the freezer for around 20 minutes before you’re ready to serve. 

  1. Use a fine grind

Ensure your coffee is ground super-fine for your coffee cocktail. This is the best way to get the most flavour from your beans.

  1. How to get that foam on top

Freshly brewed coffee is key to getting the rich and luxurious ‘crema’ foam on top of your coffee cocktail, and by shaking the coffee together with the alcohol and ice activates this. 

  1. How to garnish a coffee cocktail

Traditionally, three coffee beans are expertly balanced on top of an espresso martini, representing wealth, health and happiness. However, more recently we’re seeing orange used as a garnish which can help bring out the fruity flavour from the beans.
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