Cocoa Canopy Signature Summer Choc recipes

Tuesday 21st May 2024 |

With warmer days here at last, premium drinking chocolate brand Cocoa Canopy have developed a selection of Signature Summer Choc recipes, designed to shake up your summer.

Perfect for hot chocolate lovers, each recipe delivers a smooth and surprising beverage, perfect for Summer.

Whether you’re in the mood to sip on a Mochatini, dance with the Iced Tequila Dream, turn heads with Choc on the Rocks or chill in the park with Shaken Iced Choc – there’s a recipe to suit every mood and taste. The Signature Summer Choc recipes can be found on the Cocoa Canopy website now!

The Mochatini is the absolute go-to for any fans of Espresso Martinis and delivers rich, chocolaty goodness. The recipe combines Cocoa Canopy’s chocolatier crafted beads with coffee liqueur, vodka and espresso to create an update on a classic with a punch. Leading barista and coffee expert Celeste aka The Girl in the Café swears by the recipe and teamed up with Cocoa Canopy for the recipe video! The Iced Tequila Dream combines a White Russian with hot chocolate and a dash of Mexican flair. Using Tico Tequila’s Reposado, Cocoa Canopy recommends using their Salted Caramel beads and some double cream to create a sweet and salty chilled dream. Choc on the Rocks gives the classic hot chocolate a cool twist, enjoyed over ice and sure to impress friends with the marvellous marble effect. Finishing with a bang, the Shaken Iced Choc is the perfect refreshing picnic drink. Shaken up with any heat-resistant bottle (Ocean Bottle is Cocoa Canopy’s chosen favourite), this one can be prepped ahead of time and kept in the fridge for later.

Cocoa Canopy is the only drinking chocolate brand to offer unique, chocolatier-created beads, rather than powder or flakes, which are perfect for making into any of the Signature Summer Chocs. Each recipe can also be personalised to incorporate your favourite Cocoa Canopy blend, whether it’s Smooth MilkSalted CaramelMilk & DarkRich Dark (vegan) or Ecuador Dark (vegan). Each recipe is available on the Cocoa Canopy website, along with the accompanying video. The entire Cocoa Canopy range is available to purchase from their online shop, Ocado, Waitrose and Amazon in boxes of 225g, 450g or 900g.