Choosing windows for your new home – A Fenbro Expert’s opinion 

Monday 01st Aug 2022 |

Whether you plan to build a house or only remodel an existing old building into your new home, one of the most difficult choices you’ll have to make is selecting  the right windows.

It may seem only a small problem at the first glance, but in fact it’s not as easy as it seems – especially nowadays, with so many different types of windows available on the market.

What should you consider when choosing windows for your home, what parameters are really important and what other factors should be taken into account? We asked these questions to Marcin, main window and door fitter at Fenbro – one of the most renowned suppliers of top quality Polish joinery to the European markets.

House windows – what parameters are the most important? 

There are many factors to consider when choosing windows for your new home, especially when you take into account the fact that you will have to bear the consequences of your choice for the next 10+ years. Apart from obvious things like the style and the price, you should also remember about the following factors: 

  • energy efficiency – it’s extremely important to choose energy-efficient windows with a high level of thermal insulation. This will enhance and improve the overall energy balance of your new home 
  • material – window frames may be  made of uPVC, wood, steel or aluminium. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, but you always should choose window frames according to your real needs and expectations, not the current trend or fashion 
  • glazing units – optimal choice of glazing has a tremendous impact on the energy efficiency of the windows, and thus it directly translates into your energy bills 

What’s important, the above list isn’t a complete one – due to the fact that buildings are different from one another, it is highly recommended to consult professionals before making any decisions. In fact, there are  many other factors that may dramatically influence your final choice, too.  

Why are windows from Poland a good choice? 

Thanks to the modern machine park, high-tech facilities and highly qualified workers, the quality of joinery produced in Poland is top-notch, while the prices are very competitive when compared to other manufacturers and retailers. A wide variety of products that are available in many different styles and designs is another good reason to seriously consider choosing windows from Poland for your home. 

Marcin from Fenbro also emphasizes one more matter: while costs play a decisive  role when choosing windows, there’s another important factor that you should have in mind, and it’s the quality of services. Even the most expensive and top quality windows won’t fulfil your expectations and needs, if they’re not fitted properly by the real professionals.  

Fenbro – top quality joinery and windows from Poland 

Fenbro is a reliable and dependable supplier of the finest quality joinery from the best Polish manufacturers and brands. Products and services offered by Fenbro are available to B2B and B2C customers not only in Ireland, but also on all major global markets. The company focuses on delivering a complete service package on the Irish market – from products to delivery, installation and guarantee to after-sales support and professional expertise and advice.  

More information about Fenbro products and services is available on the Fenbro website. 

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