warming up a modern house

Can you infuse a modern house with more warmth?

Wednesday 22nd Nov 2023 |

Worrying that your modern house feels “too cold” due to the crisp white walls, too many metallic details, few accessories, and lack of decorations is justifiable.

It’s easy to exaggerate with cold touches like too much whiteness that turn your house into a highly formal, dull, and uninviting interior, all the more since the minimalist trend has gained so much traction. However, several tips and tricks can quickly infuse your house with the tranquillity and hospitality most people crave.

You can give your dwelling a well-deserved makeover for a homely ambience and atmosphere without breaking the bank with the following pieces of advice.


Use wooden accents

One of the most straightforward ways to add character to your house is by using natural wood pieces that contrast with the overall design. With wooden or wicker accents, you can create some diversity, whether you look at coffee tables, baskets, desks or something as humble as warm and natural-coloured decorations. Wooden furnishings, kitchen chairs, or accessories can do the trick and add a lot of warmth to a dull or lifeless place. And welcoming natural wood elements into a modern house won’t make it look eclectic because they fit any style. 

Wood is one of the most versatile and enduring materials you can use to make your home feel warmer, which is why it’s so sought-after by homeowners. Natural wood can come with a spicier price tag, but it will be worth the financial effort when years pass and its functionality and aspects are unimpacted. Maintaining it in top shape isn’t difficult, despite rumours and legends saying it needs additional care compared to plastic, rattan, or other materials found in mass-made furniture. It takes applying a layer of non-toxic Interior Wood Treatment on the surface of the items you want to secure from damage and boost their natural look to ensure your acquisition will pay off. One application is enough, so you don’t need lots of the product or repeat the practice soon. This shouldn’t consume much of your time, but the Interior Wood Protector will extend the lifespan of your wooden items so you can enjoy them more. 

Add texture to create dimension

Modern houses often lack colour, and a lack of vibrant hues can easily make a space feel flat. You want to welcome inside your house other tones than greys and whites to create dimensions and depth, and you can easily do it if you experiment with texture. You can choose from numerous solutions, like textural leather, wood, stone, and ceramics, in terms of decorations. You can also use rugs and carpets to create a warm base and make the house feel more welcoming. 

Textures and fabrics have the power to evoke a sense of warmth and cosiness because they boost the softness of the space. Your modern house probably boasts hard surfaces, and it’s crucial to use textures to distract from their coldness and minimalism. 

Take inspiration from nature

When you search for ways to bring more warmth into your modern house, don’t limit yourself to looking only inside. The nature surrounding you is one of the greatest sources of inspiration because people always have a sense of peace when they expose themselves to nature. So, when you don’t know what elements to bring inside, get out of the city, have a walk on a forest trek, and you’ll find it easier to figure it out when returning home. 

Before decorating the house with new elements, consider the light quality because it impacts the kind of finishings you should choose. If one of your windows opens to a garden or exterior patio, you can place some greenery or leafy plants next to it to create a sense of continuity with the outdoors. 

Boost the visual interest with contrasting materials

Modern design doesn’t have to be stark and boring; you can use contrast to infuse the space with some personality. Suppose you prefer nude tones; you can juxtapose wooden accents with stone and metallic elements. Stone architecture is a big trend right now, but it makes an interior space feel quite cold, and you can soften it with the warmth of the wood. Contrasting elements and materials are appealing to the eye, so don’t be afraid to alternate smooth and rough surfaces, associate matte and shiny decorations, and play with the accessories. All these tricks will enable you to avoid monotony in design. 

Include vintage items 

Just like furniture and accessories in wooden or warm nuances improve the hospitality in your home, the same effect can be delivered by using vintage, aged pieces that tell a story when you look at them. Whether you consider handcrafted furniture, antique candleholders, or hand printed coffee cups, they all have value and can add character to your space.

Antique items with a time-stamped patina are also easily findable and can produce the same heartwarming impact. Copper teapots, doorknobs, door handles, or pitchers will completely change the feel of the space and make it friendlier. 

You can create a unique atmosphere if you mix modern and vintage elements. When welcoming antique decorations into your house, you must ensure you don’t go overboard because they’re usually aesthetically captivating, and you want to use as many as possible. But keep in mind that you’re getting them only because you want to add some warmth inside your house, and they shouldn’t take over the design. Therefore, you must layer them with modern elements to convey the feeling of a space that reflects your personality. 

What’s more to say? 

Invite the outdoors, welcome homely touches, and bring in art or anything popping into your mind that may bring you smiles and comfort. When it comes to transforming your house into a more inviting and warmer place, the only thing representing an obstacle in your journey is your imagination.