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Can an overnight silk hair wrap really thicken hair?

2021 is set to be a peak year for silk as a beauty staple. Award winning silk company This Is Silk has seen a huge increase in sales in 2020 of silk pillowcases, hair wraps, eye and face masks and other luxury silk beauty items as consumers are catching on to the benefits of silk. 

This Is Silk founder Sonal Keay said: “Following the popularity and effectiveness of the silk pillowcase This Is Silk predicts that the silk overnight wrap will be a must-have beauty accessory for 2021. Wrapping hair in silk maximises the benefits of silk even more than using a silk pillowcase, leading to thicker, healthier hair – and we have proof.”

What problems does an overnight silk hair wrap solve?

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase is terribly damaging for hair due to the friction caused by tossing and turning and the absorption of oils from the hair. This creates the tangled ‘bed head’ look in the morning and leads to weak hair, breakage and poor regrowth. Wrapping hair in silk all night prevents this completely.

Using an overnight silk wrap, the next morning hair is shinier, smoother and fresh, reducing the need for washing and therefore lessening opportunities for damage to occur (and making blow-dries last longer).

Liz Smith, a leading trichologist and founder of The Hair Loss Clinic in London said:

“Wrapping hair in silk overnight protects and encourages hair growth in a number of ways.  We spend a third of our lives asleep, and whilst cotton may seem smooth, on a cellular level it is coarse and abrasive. The cotton fibres grip and tug at individual hair strands, causing damage and loss. Silk, by contrast, protects delicate new hair from friction and nourishes it with the amino acids silk is made from. This rich nightly protein bath encourages growth. Cocooning hair in silk overnight also keeps the natural hair oils (sebum) within the hair, nourishing it further.”

Why is the This Is Silk overnight hair wrap different?

Some hair wraps and turbans can slip off in the night defeating the object and annoying the wearer. This Is Silk has redesigned its overnight hair wrap for 2021 to adjust securely to any one’s head and stay there comfortably all night. By making the silk thinner the wrap now has two layers, with the shiny silk charmeuse side facing the hair. This Is Silk uses the highest quality 22 momme weight, 100% mulberry silk  for optimum benefits – most comparable products use 18 momme silk. The design is retro and stylish and the beautiful colours include Persian blue, damask pink and leopard print.

How does a silk hair wrap thicken hair?

This Is Silk’s hair wrap prevents the damage that other hair products work to fix. It protects the hair for the most stressful eight hours of its day and actively nourishes the hair from follicle to tip. It protects new hair growth from friction and prevents breakage of established hair.

Cocooning hair in silk overnight means that the natural oils the scalp works hard to produce (and which have evolved specifically to nourish hair) remain where they ought to be – within the hair. It is this conditioning element which makes new hair growth resilient and strong. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Health and beauty journalists are loving This Is Silk’s stylish overnight hair wrap. The Independent’s Indy Best review said:  “We were impressed to awaken after an eight-hour sleep to hair that was frizz-free and glossy while still maintaining that freshly washed look”

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