By Sarah London; The skincare brand designed to strengthen your skin’s microbiome

Sunday 17th Oct 2021 |

Introducing By Sarah London: a meticulously formulated skincare collection led by scientific research, designed to support the skin’s microbiome and overall skin health, through innovative, plant-oil blends that deliver vital nutrients, enzymes, and lipids.

All the organic, cruelty-free and vegan products are made with no added water or fillers, no essential oils, no added fragrance and no hidden surprises. Potent, efficacious skincare that is loved by even the most sensitive of skins, with full transparency of formula on the front label for added reassurance.

Founded by sisters Sarah and Lauren Murrell, By Sarah London was the silver lining of their traumatic journey, with Lauren being diagnosed with life-threatening leukaemia and Sarah being her stem-cell donor. When Lauren was recovering, skin health expert Sarah began developing soothing plant-oil formulations to restore Lauren’s dry, irritated and sensitive skin, as she reacted to many natural ranges. Today, the very skincare blends that were once only intended to rejuvenate Lauren’s skin, are now loved by so many.

Our skin barrier is the unsung hero of radiant, healthy skin. Why? It acts as our skin’s shield, protecting it from environmental aggressors, irritants, and bacteria, while holding onto all the good stuff, like moisture and ceramides. When the skin barrier is compromised, sensitivity, dryness and acne can be some of the visible results, as well as stinging and redness. By Sarah London works to repair and strengthen our skin’s protector. How? The pared-back approach to skincare is the foundation of the brand. Overloading the skin with multiple steps can make it more vulnerable. By Sarah London’s  routine embraces slow beauty to ensure that skin is fed the nutritional benefits it needs to thrive. The end result? A clear, hydrated complexion, smooth texture, and more even skin tone.

The By Sarah London routine:

Balancer Oil-to-milk Cleanser – £32

What it does – Perfect as a light facial wash in the morning or deep double cleanse in the evening, it transforms into a delicate nourishing cleansing milk on contact with water. All traces of makeup, SPF, excess oil and environmental pollutants are swept away, without disrupting the skin’s natural pH balance.

Hero ingredient: Upcycled raspberry seed oil that contains 20 percent more vitamin E than standard raspberry seed oil, to protect against skin damaging free radicals.

Reviver Hydrating Mist – £30

What it does – Spray over face and neck after cleansing and before applying the facial oil. Enjoy as a refreshing facial spritz  throughout the day. More than just a mist, it hydrates thirsty skin, soothes inflammation and boosts radiance. This high-science formula works to replenish your skin’s microbiome and strengthen its important protective barrier.

Hero ingredient: Desert Rose Moisture Retention Complex. Scientifically proven to be more powerful than hyaluronic acid, and increases moisture levels by 71% after just 24 hours.

Hero Facial Oil – £33

What it does: Your everyday facial oil to be enjoyed each morning and evening. The hero blend stars the finest cold-pressed and certified organic plant oils, handpicked for their outstanding skin-boosting powers. Each ingredient is absorbed by the lipid layers of the skin to deliver essential nutrients that naturally deplete as we age.

Hero ingredients: Organic apricot oil and organic evening primrose oil, rich in essential fatty acids to promote the health of your skin over the long term.

Ally Blemish Recovery Oil – £34

What it does – For times where you experience acne flare ups or breakouts. This targeted blend helps to rebalance the skin’s microbiome, reduce bacterial infection and calm inflammation for a clearer complexion without stripping skin. Soothing yet non-greasy. Once skin has improved, return to using the Organic Facial Oil​ as normal each morning and night.

Hero ingredient: Upcycled hemp seed oil. This UK skincare first boasts 52 percent more antioxidants than standard hemp seed oil as well as linoleic acid which acne-prone skins often lack.

Lip and Hand Balm – £15

What it does – a multi-purpose pot of magic. Blended with the finest organic plant oils, chosen for their super repairing powers. From a lip balm and hand cream to a heel cream for your feet, it has has a multitude of uses for the face and body. Simply warm a little between your fingertips and massage it in to enjoy its nourishing powers.

Hero ingredients: Organic coconut oil locks in moisture and soothes the skin with its antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-fungal super-powers. Organic beeswax works as a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, providing a protective layer against pollutants, and promoting healthy new skin cells.

Body Oil – £36

What it does – Particularly useful for eczema-prone skins, and during and after pregnancy. The collagen-boosting plant oils help to prevent stretch marks and improve the appearance of both new and old scars. Softens, comforts and hydrates even the most sensitive of skins. Free from fragrance and essential oils – it delivers deep, lasting hydration without feeling greasy.

Hero ingredient: Organic Evening Primrose Oil. Restores suppleness, provides nourishment and helps to reduces inflammation.

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