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Black Friday Hacks: How to save money on Glossier

Brand new data shows a 400% increase in online demand for Glossier products over the last three months. 

Nick Drewe, a money-saving expert at discounts platform, Wethrift, has delved into online data noticing the surge in demand for products on the site, particularly in the run-up to Black Friday. 

Whilst many would agree that Glossier products are on the more expensive side, Nick Drewe has revealed eight secrets to cut down the cost of your beauty basket this Black Friday….

Save money on Glossier  – Receive an instant 10% off

The easiest way to get a discount at Glossier is through their referral program, and there are two ways to access this. The first will give you a fast 10% off your order. The second (but longer) option will also score £10 of Glossier credit for a friend. The quicker way is simply to use this referral link for an instant 10% off your order. Another way to get 10% is using a friend or a second email address. Helping you and a friend out with £10 credit to spend at Glossier!

  1. Ask your friend to create a Glossier account 
  2. Then go to the Refer A Friend page, and to send you their Referral Code link.
  3. Click the link to activate your 10% off.
  4. Your 10% discount will be automatically applied at the checkout.
  5. After you’ve made your purchase, your friend will get £10 credit to spend at Glossier.

Save money on Glossier  –  Jump on seasonal sales

Like many other eCommerce sites, Glossier regularly hosts seasonal sales. Generally, you can expect more discounts and savings opportunities around December for the holidays and on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Top tip: Sign up for the Glossier newsletter which keeps you in the loop regarding all upcoming deals.

Save money on Glossier  –  Take advantage of coupon codes

Usually, if there is an available coupon code, the site will automatically add it to your cart when you checkout. However, if you can’t find any coupon codes you can search for them online. Coupons tend to also be sent to your email address, so before clicking the purchase button, double-check you don’t have any 20% off deals lying around in your inbox or junk mail.

Save money on Glossier  –  Leave items in your basket

This is a sneaky trick that encourages sites to send you promotions to get you to check out. By leaving an item or items sat in the checkout, it will encourage certain retailers to send a coupon a few days later if you don’t complete the checkout process. Sneaky but worth trying to see what offers you’re sent!

Save money on Glossier  –  Don’t forget free samples

Glossier loves giving out free sample products. All you need to do is choose a product; it doesn’t matter the category or price. Once you add your item to your cart, the site will prompt you to choose a free sample from a select product list. These items typically include latest releases or Glossier favourites, such as cloud paint, primers, and makeup removers. 

Save money on Glossier  –  Buy a set for a reduced price

Buying Glossier product sets will usually save you between £5 and £30 on your total order. Instead of buying each item you want separately for full price, you can purchase various bundles that include your desired items and more for a reduced price. 

The Makeup Set includes daily staples, including Boy Brow, Cloud Paint, and Lash Slick. These makeup essentials, when purchased individually, would cost you £45. But, when bought as a set, you will save £10 and only pay £35 for all three.

You also get to choose your preferred colours, whereas some sets from other companies or deals only offer sets with pre-configured colour options. Glossier sets also range from makeup essentials to skincare routines with accompanying carrying cases.

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