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At Home Health & Beauty Treatments for Autumn

As it looks like we will be encouraged to stay at home or at least limit our exposure to others in the coming weeks, at home beauty treatments are certainly gaining popularity.

Whilst we love our salon visits and professional treatments, we also love these at home beauty treatments for those times you just need that extra bit of pampering….

The Salon: Deep Conditioning Treatment

At Home Health & Beauty Treatments: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Deep Treatment Masque, £10.99, Superdrug.

This intensive treatment masque deeply moisturises and repairs dry, damaged or over processed hair. Containing Sea Kelp a mineral rich nutrition ,seals and smoothes cuticles. Argan Oil restores shine while helping promote hair elasticity and Organic Shea Butter to deeply moisturise while conditioning hair and scalp. Section Clean, wet hair. Apply to wet hair for 5 minutes for a rich hit of moisture. For more deep penetrating treatment, cover hair with a plastic cap and apply moderate heat for up to 30 minutes before rinsing.

In The Salon: Micro Peel

At Home Health & Beauty Treatments – Embryolisse Night Peeling, £18, Look Fantastic

Wake up to a luminous complexion with the Gentle Night Peeling Care Radiance Secret from bestselling French pharmacy skincare brand Embryolisse.  A nutrient-packed treatment that promotes cell renewal overnight when skin is most receptive. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, the multi-functional formula works to exfoliate, moisturise, soothe and soften skin for a smoother, refined texture that glows with youthfulness. Enriched with a cocktail of AHA, Glycerin and Bisabolol, the formula helps to gently buff away dead skin and impurities, preparing skin to absorb the benefits of Macadamia and Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Beeswax to restructure, nourish and protect from aggressors.

In The Salon: Brow Thread or Wax

At Home Health & Beauty TreatmentsRubis Anti- Bacterial ION Classic Tweezers, £25.95, LookFantastic

These high-quality tweezers feature slanted tips for precise touch-ups at home or on-the-go. Crafted with superior calibrated tension and perfectly aligned tips that close evenly and firmly for advanced pulling power, you can grip even the smallest of hairs for a professional, airbrushed finish. Acid-proof, anti-magnetic and rustproof, the tweezers are finished with an anti-bacterial coating that releases silver ions to neutralise bacteria, germs and other pathogens. Bobbi Brown has called them ‘The Ferarri of Tweezers’ and Vogue calls them ‘The Best of The Best’.

In The Salon: Detox Facial

At Home Health & Beauty Treatments: Funderm NO DRAMA Red Clay Mask, £32

A creamy, natural red clay mask packed full of active ingredients. Our innovative Prebiotic & Probiotic complex will leave your skin purified and balanced in only 5 minutes. NO DRAMA features an innovative blend of clinically proven active ingredients. The formula includes Prebiotics & Probiotics and dead sea minerals leaving your skin purified, balanced and beautiful. NO DRAMA also contains Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 to inhibit sebum production and improve your skins’ texture. The active formula minimizes the appearance of pores by keeping them clean, leaving your face revitalised with never-ending elasticity.

In The Salon: Bouncy Blow Dry

At Home Health & Beauty Treatments: Only Curls Curl Enhancing Curl Gel, £16

Celebrate your natural wave and curls with Only Curls sell out, 5-star rated Enhancing Curl Gel. Define your curls with this oil infused gel that holds curls in shape while adding shine and moisture. With a special blend of Avocado Oil, Kukui Oil and Aloe, this wonder product naturally hydrates curls, minimises frizz and maximises curl impact. With a salon-worthy fresh citrus and coconut fragrance. CG Friendly, 100% Vegan and all bottles are made from BIO-PLASTIC and are 100% recyclable.

In The Salon: upper lip wax

At Home Health & Beauty Treatments: No Mo-Stache portable waxing kit

No Mo-Stache is a portable lip wax kit that offers 24 single wax strips (12 double sided) you can use anywhere on your face. Hair removal strips for your face that are so easy to use and great for travel. Just rub the strip in your hands for 20 seconds to heat wax, pull strip apart and apply to skin rub, strip on your face for 10 seconds, hold skin taut and pull opposite of hair growth. Apply aloe cream post wax. Voila!

No Secrets

No Secrets is a small UK brand, started as a result of founder Lorna’s search for beauty products with all-natural ingredients, due to her allergies to chemicals often found in cosmetics. All ingredients are 100% derived from plants and naturally occurring sources and free from preservatives.

Their products come in two incredible scents – One and Four. Scent One comes infused with a blend of bergamot, juniper, petitgrain, eucalyptus and lavender. Scent Four comes infused with a blend of geranium, neroli, ylang ylang, patchouli and lavender.

THE NEW No Secrets Body Jelly | £49.00 | Aroma One | Aroma Four

A new beauty hero for your skin. The new one-of-a-kind Body Jelly is a deliciously different way to pamper, moisturise and fragrance the skin.  Like a luxurious treatment, it will leave the skin beautifully glowing, wonderfully nourished and spa scented. The colour of golden sunsets, it is a rich blend of plant oils, brimming with anti-oxidants, vitamins and restorative goodness. Massage it into your body to stimulate circulation, relieve tension and restore elasticity. Utter skin indulgence. As with all of our products, all the ingredients are purely plant based, rich in nutrients and vitamins, easily absorbed, highly nourishing and with super regenerative qualities. It also leaves the skin with a velvety touch and no residue. Suitable for vegans, beautifully presented in a glass jar with a metal lid.

No Secrets Bath Jelly | £18.00 – £45.00 | Aroma One | Aroma Four

This award-winning, luxurious, one-of-a-kind jelly is deliciously different: a tactile, melting syrup designed to be applied to the body before entering the bath. Massage the jelly into dry skin to stimulate circulation and relieve tension. As the heat from your body warms the jelly, the refreshing and reviving aroma of skin-loving oils fills the room. Sink into a hot bath and the jelly dissolves into a therapeutic bath oil with the skin-softening goodness of our exclusive seed oil blend. Skin is left divinely smooth (but never sticky) muscles are soothed, stress melts away. Each individual glass jar contains enough product for one sensory bath experience. All ingredients are 100% derived from plants and naturally occurring sources and free from preservatives and all products are made in the UK.

No Secrets Bath Sugar | £30.00 | Aroma Four

Made from magnesium sulphate is a modern twist on traditional bath salts which  have been ground to the consistency of icing sugar, making them quicker to dissolve and less prickly on one’s skin. From the moment you untwist the lid on the glass jar, the room fills with the beautiful signature scents which evokes a home spa experience. 

Wild Marine Collagen – nature’s secret

Everything from glowing skin and strong hair to healthy flexible joints, collagen truly is nature’s secret to living well and looking your best. However, not all collagens are created equal. Wild Marine Collagen is the purest type of collagen derived from wild-caught, unfarmed fish using only the fish skin, which has the largest concentration of collagen. Unlike the collagens on the market now which farmed fish that have been exposed to high levels of pollutants, antibiotics and growth hormones (no thanks!).
Finest quality ethically-sourced Wild Marine Collagen is at the heart of CORREXIKO collagen, which was founded by a British medical doctor and his researcher wife in the USA, where it is now one of the top selling collagen brands, they are now launching in the UK.
Thanks to its all-round appeal for beauty, health and wellness, collagen is going to be the must-have daily booster for 2021.

The Drowsy Sleep Zen Pillow Spray | £21.95

Helping you switch off the day’s mental overload, this spray is formulated to help you have a peaceful sleep. Works as a functional fragrance to mellow out stressed minds and slow the non-stop stream of sleep-interrupting thoughts. The Sleep Zen pillow spray is an effective and non-addictive solution for more peaceful sleep. Use to aid in the reduction of stress, anxiety and overthinking at bedtime.

The Drowsy Sleep S.O.S. Pillow Spray | £21.95

Your pillows new best friend! This award-winning pillow spray is formulated to trigger the olfactory sensors in the brain that help promote deep sleep. Contains a blend of powerful natural oils proven oils to help you sleep and end restless summer nights once and for all! Use as the final step in your bedtime wind-down ritual.

Kaya Happy Gummies

Delicious and vegan friendly Happy Gummies with adaptogens contain 10mg of CBD to unwind, and Griffonia-derived 5HTP, that our brain needs to make serotonin, the happy hormone. Rich in vitamins and minerals, they will help you recover, replenish your body, and achieve your natural well being. They also have a tasty, delicate flavour of Strawberry and Orange.

Vegan Collagen

Vegan Collagen is the UK’s much loved 100% natural skin formula that firms and smooths skin as well as boosting overall wellness and energy. Harnessing the power of nature, this superfood combines powerful anti-ageing antioxidants from the whole-food matrix and supports wellness at the cellular level with pure plant-based ingredients. Containing a blend of pure plant-based ingredients including pink pitaya revered for its skin firming properties, camu camu berries to help restore radiance and baobab fruit which is rich in antioxidants. British made and vegan friendly. RRP: £34.95 for 30 day supply or Subscribe & save: £26.21

21atoms The Original CBD Oil (20%) – £99

21atoms have a key message – Not All CBD is the Same. The Original CBD Oil was the first product developed by 21atoms and contains 10mg of Full Spectrum Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) Oil (equalling 20% potency) with less than 0.2% THC directly from the cannabis sativa plants. This means it also contains the added benefits of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, terpenes, and flavonoids derived directly from the plant, resulting in a natural and vegan CBD oil with the addition of Triglycerides from Organic Coconut Oil.

This was formulated using a 9-month case study period, where candidates were monitored for improvements in:

High Brow HQ Brow Lamination Kit

Traditionally offered as a salon treatment, Brow Lamination is a corrective, two-step perming process that relaxes and realigns brow hairs in place. It is the ultimate solution for correcting unruly brow hairs that do not have any symmetry, with a keratin treatment to stimulate the brows, strengthen the hairs & create a fabulously ‘fluffy’ brow!

With safety at the forefront of everything High Brow offer, this product went through rigorous development meaning the product is

–       100% certified for home use & not just professional use

–       Paraben free 

–       Completely vegan friendly! 

The kit is currently online for £40 for the standard kit & £60 for the VIP kit & enables at least SIX treatments from each kit

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