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Alternative ways to explore The Islands of Tahiti 

where to stay in tahiti

Tahitian Guesthouse Stays

A charming and unique way to spend time in The Islands of Tahiti is by residing in a Tahitian Guesthouse managed by a local family. Guesthouses provide a unique opportunity for visitors to get immersed into a more authentic visit, a personalised experience, and a chance to connect with the local people and islands. A guesthouse stay differs from a traditional hotel stay in that owners or on-site managers can assist with guiding through local excursions, such as pearl diving, snorkelling, hiking and more, providing a personal and interactive approach to a long-stay itinerary.

Navigate through paradise’s waters

Picture sailing across crystalline waters, with the gentle trade winds carrying the boat through a series of enchanting islands. Discover the towering peaks, verdant valleys, and secluded coves that make up this tropical paradise. From the bustling Papeete to the remote and idyllic Raiatea, each island boasts its own unique charm and allure. To learn more and begin planning a bespoke yacht adventure, there are many local experts available to assist with logistics and planning for both charters and private sailing, including Tahiti Yacht CharterDream Yacht CharterSunsail Yacht ChartersSailing Huahine Voile and more.

Trekking the islands

Dominated by a chain of high volcanic islands, the collection provides visitors with a playground of waterfalls, mountainous peaks and ancient ruins waiting to be explored. Regardless of hiking capabilities, Tahiti holds plenty of opportunities for an unforgettable experience. Visitors are recommended to follow a local guide, adventuring along trails such as the Te Pari trail, the most remote and southernmost trail on Tahiti.

Traverse the landscape on horseback

For families looking for a unique adventure in French Polynesia, take a guided trek of Huahine on horse-back. Adventure the beautiful coastline, travelling along the acacia, ironwood tree and green fern-fringed paths, to arrive at the postcard-perfect site of Fauna Nui Lake. Families taking the trek in the afternoon might be lucky enough to enjoy the famous Tahitian sunset.

Educational exploration of the islands shares Polynesian culture and history through numerous hands-on exhibits and experiences. Visitors can learn the Polynesian way of cooking, try their hand at basket weaving and learn how to open a coconut. After touring the village, guests can indulge in a mouthwatering buffet while watching a traditional Polynesian cultural show. The Tiki Village Cultural Centre has shows and attractions for children ages three and above. Entrance to the village is free. For guided tour prices contact

Uncover local haunts

Maupiti Village is a place where food is copious and flavoursome. With the surrounding motus islands supplying the residents of Maupiti with fresh produce, it is certainly a place for those looking for a slower pace in a beautiful setting. Throughout Tahiti, travellers will find inviting snack-bars dotted along the roads and are a great way for visitors to taste various local dishes. Take a pick from the simple and authentic food, with many dishes made with fish or meat, including local favourites like Snack Te Ava Iti or Snack du Requin Dormeur.

Unveil marine mysteries

Dive into the vibrant underwater world that surrounds The Islands of Tahiti. From snorkelling alongside graceful manta rays to exploring stunning coral reefs, the sea reveals a vibrant tapestry of marine life. Discover underwater gardens and swim with colourful fish, immersing yourself in an unforgettable aquatic adventure.

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