Wednesday 28th Jul 2021 |

Absolute CellActive  Skincare cares for your skin with unmatched enzymes and leading dermatology technology and science. 

The Absolute CellActive  Skincare is a revolutionary product that stems from Atomy’s original “Skincare 6 System“, following six years of additional research. Absolute cares for the skin with cutting edge technology adding vibrancy and elasticity to damaged skin, while recapturing and maintaining a youthful complexion.

Absolute’s skin science has been formulated using skin active ingredients, derived from nature. Developed with CellActive™ Code, a multi-complex where cutting-edge technologies are applied to each active ingredient and combined in the optimal composition. Using Smart Encapsulation Technology that quickly and accurately penetrate the ingredients into the cellular areas, exactly where the skin needs it.  The Multi-Complex helps to vitalise the skin by lifting, softening and brightening and maximises the function of the ingredients including Lupin, Yosemite Fermented Extract and Dormin.

Absolute’s skin science doesn’t dilute ingredients with water, instead it harnesses Green Tea Essential Water, by adding Tocopherol & Catechin to green tea water. Absolute’s skincare science that slows down the ageing of skin is different from the base. Absolute also has a Tuberosa scent, which includes 3 perfume ingredients from Grasse – the home of fragrance.

Atomy Absolute Toner, 150ml, £30.50

The premium boosting toner cleans the skin, and helps the absorption of the next product in your routine. It instantly calms & moisturises sensitive skin after cleansing. Use it daily to  help brighten the skin.

Atomy Absolute Ampoule, 40ml, £36

This high-efficacy ampoule helps lessen the signs of ageing skin, with a high concentration of CellActive™  Code It’s a powerful booster for impactful results.

Atomy Absolute Serum, 50ml, £35

Takes care of the inner elasticity of the skin by using premium technology This highly concentrated, premium serum specialised in targeting the elasticity of the skin, and can be used to boost skin daily.

Atomy Absolute Lotion, 135ml £32

Awakens the natural strength of the skin with soft adherence. It boosts the energy of the skin, and helps to lift the skin with daily, light moisturisation.

Atomy Absolute Eye-Complex, 40ml £35

Intensively reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and firms the under eyes. The highly concentrated eye cream can be used daily to target lines.

Atomy Absolute Nutrition-Cream, 50ml £32.50

Our premium nutrition cream firms sagging skin on the entire face. It’s rich, nourishing, & enriching, and helps lift the skin daily, or whenever needed.