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A look at some of the best road bikes for winter 

The best road bikes for winter 

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As we approach winter, our summer bikes may no longer be a smart option. The more extreme weather like wind and snow means that our bikes must have what it takes to handle the harsh weather. With approximately 7.5 million people cycling in 2021, we want to make sure everyone gets the best bike for them this winter.  

Before we get into our top bikes for winter riding, there are a number of features that we think are essential for a good winter bike. 

Whilst having all of these features will help you to have a safer – and better time this winter, accidents can still occur so ensuring that you get the best cycle insurance is critical – especially if you are planning on getting one of the following bikes.  

Here are our top 3 bikes that are perfect for winter.  

The best road bikes for winter  – Triban RC520 

 The cheap and cheerful bike for any keen rider this winter. They say that winter bikes should be cheap and that this is but with its smart hydraulic stopping and ingenious Hy/Rd callipers, this bike will have you performing at the top of your game – even in the wintery conditions. With space available for mudguards, wide tyres and overall durability, this bike is a great investment for this winter’s rides.  

The best road bikes for winter  – Ribble Endurance 725 disc  

 A bike that anyone would find attractive. This steel beauty is a great choice for its durability, good looks and overall comfort and it has received great reviews from critics. With clever handling, steering won’t be an added hazard for you on the dangerous winter roads which makes this a fine purchase for any rider who is looking to get active this winter. 

The best road bikes for winter  – Merida Scultura Endurance  

With prices starting at £3600, this is certainly on the premium side of winter bikes but what you are getting in return is an adventurous bike, carefully designed to provide its rider with a steady riding experience as they navigate muddy, snowy or wet roads. The Merida Scultura is certainly a handsome bike and with room for 35mm tyres, it firmly solidifies itself as one of the more reliable options for a winter bike.  

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