7 Ways to Move More; Easy tips you’ll love

Thursday 05th Aug 2021 |

We all know we need to move more “but I’m busy, there is just no time” I hear you cry.

Well fear not I’m going to share my top tips to get you moving without interrupting your busy schedule. 

1. 7 Ways to Move MoreTake the stairs.

I know you’ve heard it before, but that’s because it’s such an easy win. An average person burns around 4.5 calories climbing to the next floor. So if you work on the 3rd floor and climb up and down 3 times per day that is roughly 200kcal per week, include the stairs you climb everywhere else and it can add up to a significant calorie burn. 

2. 7 Ways to Move MoreStand up.

Yes it’s as simple as that. Standing burns considerably more calories than sitting. According to Healthline a 120lb female could burn 253 more calories by standing for half their working day that’s not to mention that getting out of your chair more can help improve posture, joint health and has been shown to increase productivity. To work it easily into your day try standing everytime you make a phone call. 

3. 7 Ways to Move MoreWork those Ad-breaks.

If like most of us, your evening routine generally consists of getting cosy in front of the TV, it’s all too easy for this to become a totally sedentary activity, save the odd trip to the kitchen for snacks. Why not try doing some exercise in every commercial break, 10 squats, 20 star jumps, anything at all really as long as it gets you up and moving. 3 hours of TV can have 9 or more commercial breaks that’s 90 squats a day or 630 in a week and a whopping 32,850 if you do it everyday for a year! Try keeping a record, seeing your number at the end of each month can be really motivating. 

4. 7 Ways to Move MoreFind your power song & dance like nobody’s watching.

This might sound a bit silly, but aside from being great exercise, dancing has been shown to lift your mood, improve your mental health and may even make you live longer. It can be anytime of the day, waiting for the kettle to boil at breakfast or while you’re cleaning up after dinner just find a song you love and let your body do the rest. I started doing this with my two-year-old daughter and it has quickly become my favourite part of the day. 

5. 7 Ways to Move MoreWalk.

Sometimes the simple things are easy to forget. If it’s less than a 10-minute journey ask yourself if you really need to drive, it’s better for your health and the planet if you leave the car at home. When going to work or about your daily routine try actively parking a little farther from your destination, make it a choice, you might even be able to park cheaper or free by walking a few minutes. If you use public transport, get off a stop or two early you’ll be surprised how quickly it becomes a habit and you might find your new favourite coffee shop or lunch spot on your new walk, you’ll never know if your stuck in the car. 

6. 7 Ways to Move MoreDitch your device.

Most of us spend too much time glued to our smartphones, mindlessly thumbing through Facebook posts about nothing in particular. Try to streamline your device time, when you find yourself on your phone set a countdown clock on your device for 5-10 minutes and once it’s finished, get up and do something active, that doesn’t necessarily mean exercise, it could be catching up on some cleaning or walking to the shop for a newspaper. This should stop you falling down those YouTube rabbit holes watching cat videos. 

7. 7 Ways to Move MoreStart with a stretch.

Starting your day with stretching is a great way to get your body moving and ready for  the day ahead. Try a simple sun salutation, do it as soon as you get out of bed, 5-10 mins is enough to blow off those cobwebs and focus your mind. The health benefits of yoga are vast for both physical and mental health, try this for a month and I guarantee you will feel better.

Written by Matt Wilman, Head Trainer at F45 Milton Keynes Central

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