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6 Rear House Extension ideas in Streatham

Monday 13th Nov 2023 |

Having a rear house extension in Streatham is one way to spruce up your home while also acquiring additional room, especially if you have limited space. Before deciding on the design you want, you need to consider several crucial things such as the amount of space you have, your budget, and your needs, among other things. Here are several rear house extension ideas that you can consider.

1. Opting for a conservatory

Eduard Munteanu, a specialist among house extension builders in Streatham at, emphasises the benefits of adding a conservatory to maximise space creatively. It seamlessly connects your garden to the rest of your home without taking up too much space. You also get additional room to relax with your loved ones and even host guests when need be. Considering most conservatories have glass roofs, it allows natural light to flow freely into the area and you also get to enjoy your beautiful garden. You can also have a small deck leading to the garden for a flawless transition.

2. Having a rear kitchen extension

Another idea you can implement in Streatham district is by having a rear kitchen extension. It can help you easily acquire additional dining space if your kitchen is cramped up. You can also opt for an open-plan design if you want your kitchen to look more spacious. Adding sliding glass doors to your extension will ensure that it is well-lit with natural light and it will take less space. There’s also the option of adding roof lights for a brighter kitchen. 

3. Double-storey rear extension

With a double-storey rear extension, you’ll gain more space because you’ll be extending outwards and upwards. You can use the ground floor part of your extension as a dining space, kitchen extension or lounge room. The upper floor of the extension can be used as an extra bedroom, study room, playroom, home office or laundry room depending on what you need the most. With such an extension you need to consider having a qualified architect on board to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the structural integrity of the existing structure. 

4. Building an orangery

Having an orangery as your back house extension is another way you can acquire extra living space. Most orangeries have roof lanterns and glazing on the walls that allow adequate natural lighting into the space. This creates a perfect spot to plant some flowers or vegetables in our garden room while also having ample space to relax. An orangery gives a seamless blend of the outdoor and indoor space. It can also be built as an extension to your kitchen so that you can get additional dining or hosting space. 

5. A single-storey rear extension

There’s so much that you can achieve with a single-storey rear extension. From a guest bedroom, home office, and dining area to a library, your needs will dictate how you’re going to use your one-storey extension. You will have to consider things such as the type of house you have, the amount of space and the need for planning permission. Either way, it’s a more affordable option compared to buying a brand-new property.

6. Rear extension and loft conversion

Such an extension allows you to create more room while also making the most of your unused attic space. With a loft conversion, you can use that space as a home office, a guest bedroom, en suite bedroom, or whatever you want. Both will give you extra living space while also improving your property’s value. Your house extension builder in Streatham can help you decide on a suitable loft conversion design depending on your property type. This can range from velux, dormer, mansard, or a hip-to gable loft. You should ensure that everything is done according to the building regulations requirements to avoid getting in trouble with the local authorities.