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10 UK Places the Brits “Hate”

Thursday 11th Jan 2024 |

Did you know that 60% of Brits actively avoid certain destinations within the UK? The International Drivers Association delves into these surprisingly unpopular locales, offering insights into why some British gems are not on the local travel radar.

Tourism is not all sunshine and roses. It can be both a blessing and a curse” – Julianna Marshall, Travel Expert at International Drivers Association.

Bagpacking, sightseeing, beach lounging, heritage trove hunting – who doesn’t love a good vacation? Brits sure do, but not everywhere in their homeland. A nation brimming with spectacular landscapes, epic historical sites, and plenty of culture to savour, the UK is a hot destination for international tourists worldwide. Paradoxically, certain spots are less loved by the locals themselves. Here’s a countdown of top 10 destinations in the UK that Brits seem to disdain.

10. Manchester

Also known as Rain City, the drizzling Manchester weather is a dampener for many Brits. Despite its rich industrial heritage and dynamic cultural scene, many find it not pleasant due to the precipitation.

9. Birmingham

Maybe it’s the industrial backdrop, or the seemingly unending construction work going on. Nevertheless, some Brits feel Birmingham isn’t quite the spot for a relaxed vacation.

8. Blackpool

Once a holiday hotspot, Blackpool now faces disdain from Brits. Regarded as tacky and overcrowded, Brits often avoid it, favouring more serene spots.

7. Skegness

Another destination that was once a popular seaside spot, Skegness fails to charm nowadays due to its declining glamour and dilapidating facilities.

6. Luton

Home to one of the major airports, Luton is often seen by Brits as merely a transit hub rather than a place to explore.

5. Bognor Regis

Despite the royal reference in its name, Bognor Regis seems to be out of favour. Mostly, it’s due to its dated attractions and lack of modern amenities.

4. Slough

In contrast to its poetic name, Slough is often seen as more of a corporate hub rather than a vacation spot.

3. Dover

Known for its white cliffs and the bustling ferry port, many Brits steer clear of Dover. The main reasons? Limited attractions and a lack of entertainment.

2. Scunthorpe

Industrial towns seem to bear the brunt of the disfavour. Scunthorpe’s intense manufacturing backdrop doesn’t make it a top choice for many Brits.

1. Bradford

Topping the list is Bradford. The reasons range from perceived safety issues to environmental cleanliness.

Though these spots don’t make the favourite list of some Brits, it’s crucial to remember that every place has its unique charm and beauty. As the travel expert Julianna Marshall puts it, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. What doesn’t appeal to some may be the very thing that attracts others.” Before you book your next UK holiday, remember to explore beyond the popular opinion. You never know, you might just discover your next favourite vacation spot. After all, isn’t travel all about exploration and discovering new things? So, get packing and explore the UK in its endless, splendid diversity!

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