YouTube Intro Maker; The Top 5 Reasons You Need it

Friday 01st Oct 2021 |

Getting started with your first YouTube video and don’t know how to start? Do you want to create a perfect standard intro for your videos but don’t know to make one? 

Here are the top reasons why you should use an intro maker for YouTube.

Tips to create a great video intro 

Before we begin, let us learn a few tips to keep in mind to create a great intro. 

Know your purpose 

An intro should be confident and informative. Don’t waste people’s time unnecessarily by giving irrelevant and monotonous information in your intros. 

Keep it short 

Your intros are meant to be intros; nothing more than that—state what you’re going to deliver to your audience in one line. 

Use high-quality videos 

Using high-quality videos for your intros is a top priority. High-quality videos are directly proportional to maximum engagement. Never use blurry, low-quality, or dull videos in intros. 

Mention your social handles 

Even though it’s the start, you should ask your viewers to follow you on all your social accounts. Your fans and subscribers who want to get more information will follow you right away. 

Like, share and subscribe 

Ask viewers to like, share, and comment on your videos in the starting and ending. Ask them to subscribe if they found your content useful. 

Use sleek and minimalistic graphics 

No matter your niche, make sure to use sleek and minimalistic graphics and elements in intros for a better focus on important texts or audio. Don’t stuff your intro with unnecessary texts, numbers, emojis or icons. 

Avoid talking 

You can replace talking with texts and engaging background music for audio. Use relevant background music that suits your video niche. For example, do not use pop music for Yoga videos. 

Benefits of using an intro maker 

Here are the top reasons why you should use an intro maker for your YouTube channel. 

Engages your viewers 

Using high-quality graphics for intros make your videos highly engaging from the time your videos start. An intro maker will allow you to create excellent engaging graphics for your videos with minimum time and effort. 

Viewers immediately skip videos that have low-quality graphics and prefer watching videos that have better quality graphics and are highly engaging and informative. 

With a YouTube intro maker, you can save time by choosing from the readymade high-quality intro templates and filling in your channel details. 

Forget about blur, boring and plain intros that ward off your viewers. 

Creates a brand image 

With a personalised and unique intro maker, you can create a brand image that will market for your YouTube channel. Viewers will be able to identify and differentiate your channel from your competitors. 

The music you use and your custom graphics will be significant only to your videos which will help users identify it is you, even if they only hear your channel’s intro music being played. 

A well-designed intro creates a sensation and emotion in the viewers’ minds. Make sure to create positive and captivating intros that viewers enjoy and remember watching. 

With a YouTube intro maker, you can display all your social media channels in the intro that help you boost active followers and fans on social media. Do you see how an intro maker can benefit you as a content creator? 


Using a free intro is a cost-effective way of making your videos engaging and of excellent quality. 

You do not have to invest a penny behind freelancers who promise to provide high-quality YouTube intros using a free YouTube intro maker. 

You don’t even have to spend money buying raster graphics software like Photoshop, Illustrator, or After Effects to create animations and high-quality graphics for your YouTube intros. 

You need to have the expertise and know-how of graphic software before you start making good quality animations. 

An intro maker cuts down the hassle and makes the job easier by allowing you to choose readymade animation and video templates for your intros. You can select a template from the category that suits your channel. 

Maintains consistency 

Without a standard intro for your videos, you cannot maintain consistency for your viewers. When you don’t have a standard intro video, you constantly create a fresh new intro for every new video you make. 

It makes your job tedious and wastes your precious time that you could have potentially used to make your content more informative. 

Maintaining consistency allows your audience to establish a link between your videos and the themes you use in them. Disrupting consistency and using a different theme, music, or colours for your intros can ruin your brand image and will disconnect the link in the viewers’ minds. 

Swift and saves time 

With an intro maker, you can save hours by creating the perfect intros for your YouTube channel within 5 minutes. 

Everything is already there; all you have to do is drag and drop! An intro maker already has the right tools like text tools, social media icons, niche-based images and videos, readymade customisable intro templates and more. 

If you’re not using a YouTube intro maker for your videos, you’re leaving money on the table. Save your time and effort and get started with creating captivating and charming intros for your channel instantly! 

Be smart and look professional in the eyes of your audience. 

InVideo YouTube Intro Maker 

InVideo YouTube intro maker is a popular free online YouTube intro maker for video creators looking to create engaging and captivating intros for their YouTube channel. It offers more than 4,000 intro templates to choose from, and you can completely customise each template on InVideo. 

You can add text boxes, emojis, custom videos and images, engaging music from the audio library, your brand logo, social handles, and website address, and more in this intro maker. 

Utilizing this app, you can start the first steps of working as a video editor and proceed to work in the industry. 


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