Your Garden Is Key to Increasing Property Value

Friday 26th Mar 2021 |

With the stamp duty holiday extended until the end of June, the demand in both buying and selling properties is likely to continue. 

When it comes to selling properties however, homeowners need to consider the shift in buyer requirements as a result of the pandemic. Whilst traditionally having a top of the range kitchen may have been the number one deal breaker, recent reports suggest that outdoor space has now become the second most in-demand feature[1] when purchasing a property.

In fact, the attraction of having a functioning garden has risen throughout the last year with recent figures revealing that over a third of people purchased outdoor plants and compost[2], with 322 million more plants having been acquired by homeowners compared to last year[3].

Leading outdoor building specialists, Lidget Compton give their top tips for enhancing outdoor spaces to add value to a home, whilst catching the attention of potential buyers.     

Increasing Property Value – Invest in an outdoor building 

Sheds and outdoor buildings can be fantastic for adding value to a home, and in fact investing in an outdoor building is estimated to boost the property price of the average UK home by up to £12,000[4]

Increasing Property Value

From storage solutions, to workshops, and office spaces, installing outdoor buildings such as modern garden sheds or Lidget sectional concrete garages can be great for creating an extension of the house.

The rise in homeworking only makes this investment more appealing and 82%[5]  of property professionals claim it’s the feature that will add the most value to a property.

Increasing Property Value – Incorporate a social space 

Many people have thrived in their outdoor space in the last year, with over half of brits spending 84 minutes more in their garden per month compared to the previous year.[6]

Extending the indoors to the outside, has been a trend that has really grown in popularity since the start of the pandemic and a carefully curated social space outdoors might just be a key feature that potential buyers will look for. 

Increasing Property Value – Prune your greenery 

Experts have found that a well-kept garden can add up to £2,000[7] in value to a home, so investing in greenery such as shrubs, plants and trees will instantly upgrade the kerb appeal of the home.

Increasing Property Value

Popular plants and flowers such as fuchsias and hydrangeas add seasonal colour, while evergreen shrubs such as lavender and euonymus are easy to maintain and will make a garden look good all year round.

Increasing Property Value – Create a focal point 

Creating a specific focal point, whether it’s a water feature, social space, or botanical display, can make a garden appear more expensive. 

Repainting garden furniture or creating floral features using spare pots, compost and seeds can upgrade a garden with very little expense yet will create an appealing visual for potential buyers.

Increasing Property Value – Add paved surfaces or decking 

The presentation of the garden is just as important as the home’s interior, and with the addition of paved or decked surfaces you can create zones which act as transitions through the outdoor space. 

Increasing Property Value

Adding levels and texture to a garden, can be brilliant for building an appealing aesthetic appeal for visitors or potential buyers to enjoy.

Updating your property’s outdoor space is key when looking to sell your property in the current climate, especially with such a competitive market during the stamp duty holiday. Experiment with creating different outdoor aesthetics to truly take advantage of the opportunity and enhance your property’s value.

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