Your Design Guide: The Makings of Great Album Cover Art 

Monday 28th Mar 2022 |

Neuroscience and psychology prove the connection between visual and auditory processing. On consideration, album cover art creates a richer aesthetic experience. 

Album releases that get their cover art right can make the music stick out more in one’s head. It has become an integral part of music production besides the production itself. 

Are you in need of an album cover art that will best represent the album you’re planning to release? Sit tight and relax as we walk you through the album cover art designing process. 

Album Art Types 

Every album cover features a subject of focus. It’s sometimes the artist or band, other times their name, sometimes both or neither. Here are the most common types of album cover art to consider. 


Photographic portraits are an ideal cover for promoting new artists and bands. It’s also great for established artists attempting to achieve a particular look. Photos can also elicit an emotional connection with the audience. 


Typography is the art of arranging letters or phrases in a legible and artistic form. You can design a cover without text or photos in this today with the modern trends. But when using typography, keep the aesthetics and functionality in mind. 


An illustration is a go-to alternative when you can’t express yourself with words. Even book covers include images or graphics in a variety of styles. It ranges from hand-drawn doodles on notebook paper to paintings and others. 


The design does not restrict you to only one of the above options. Many good album covers include a combination of these types. Choose a typeface that complements the focal picture for the band name or album title and vice versa. 

Remember that the best covers preserve a feeling of balance or harmony among them. Take inspiration from Billboard’s 50 Greatest Album Covers of All Time. 

Design Considerations 

Album cover art aims to attract listeners to the album to generate music sales. Keep in mind the following design considerations: 


Take some time to brainstorm a few different options. This step in making an album cover art is crucial for coming up with a solid concept. Grab your pen and notebook and sketch as many ideas as you can. 

Remember to tailor the concept to the album’s theme and its songs. Don’t be afraid to go weird so long as your point will come across. 


Remember not to limit yourself but don’t also overdo it. Consider the color wheel when combining colors for the best results. 


Limit your design to two fonts. Going more will be messy. But if it’s what you desire, go for it. 


Space aids in emphasizing the focus of your album cover. It can also highlight other essential parts. 


There’s a lot of software that the industry uses in producing album covers, but there is no standard. Consider whatever you’re comfortable operating. But if you’re looking for a free, easy-to-use option, try Adobe’s album cover generator. 

Create the Best Album Cover Art‌ Now 

There are a lot of considerations when designing an album cover art. This article featured the most basic ones. With this, you will produce decent album cover art. 

Do you wish to learn more about graphic designs? Look over our other related tips and guides for more. We also write about technology, fashion, health, and more. 

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