You Can Use VPN to Find Better Travel Deals: Here’s How 

Friday 10th Jun 2022 |

The time of travel is upon us. So many people are getting out and seeing the world again. But if you want to travel a lot, it’s important to save where you can.

Here’s how a VPN can save travelers a bunch of money. 

How To Get Cheaper Flights 

Savvy travelers use these tricks to get the best deals on flights. You can save a bunch on flights, hotels, and other bookings with some easy-to-use tools. 

Clear Cookie Cache 

This is a tried and true travel trick. Clear your data cache if you want to get the best prices on a flight or hotel. Travel sites use cookies to track when you look up flights and hotels.  

The more you look at a destination, the more the price increases. You can get around this by either clearing your data cache before you search or browsing in Google Chrome’s Incognito mode. Safari users can browse in a Private mode. 

These browser functions will stop these sites from giving you unwanted cookies. However,  these sites can still see your geolocation. If you want the very best deals on flights and hotels, you need to use a VPN.  

A VPN functions similarly to Incognito mode, only better. In Incognito mode, the site can’t see where you’ve been before on the internet. They can still see what data is coming and going from your device. The VPN encrypts your data and makes it invisible.   

The VPN gives you better privacy than Incognito mode to get better deals. Here is how you use a VPN. 

VPNCompare Rates By Changing Location 

There are many ways travel sites try to maximize profits. They track the geolocation data of users. They use this data to offer higher prices to users from higher-income countries.  

So if you’re in the USA or Switzerland and trying to book a flight, you’ll be offered the highest prices. This is where the VPN comes in. The VPN lets you mask your IP address to appear browsing from any country. If you choose a lower-income country like Mexico or India, you’ll see their reduced fares. 

Get Better Hotel Deals 

Hotel sites use the same methods for profit maximization. They offer lower prices for hotels to users from lower-income countries. You can use the same VPN trick for saving on hotels that you do on flights. Here are some other bookings you can save on:  

  • Tours 
  • Experiences 
  • Car Rentals 
  • Airbnb

If you’re a traveler, a VPN is worth the subscription price. It pays for itself in how much it saves you. 

How Your VPN Helps After Check-In 

Your VPN will also be super helpful when you get to the hotel. Hotel Wi-Fi is generally not very well-secured. It’s pretty easy for hackers to get to people’s devices if they’re connected to hotel Wi-Fi with no additional protection.  

A VPN offers three layers of protection. First, it will encrypt your data and then make it invisible. Hackers can’t see what data is sent, and even if they could, it would still be encrypted. On top of that, it masks your IP address.  

The masking of your IP address is a standard feature of NordVPN Threat Protection, as well as blocking any malicious sites you visit. It’s also a feature travelers love because it lets you stream things that can be difficult to access in other countries, like Brazilian content.  

Bottom Line 

If you are a traveler, you need a VPN. It can save you money on every leg of the journey. It also keeps your devices safe from hackers while you are traveling. On top of all that, you can use your VPN to stream content from your home country.  

There’s no good reason not to have a VPN. Stay safe and save while you’re traveling. 

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