Year Round Sun Protection for your skin

Wednesday 29th Sep 2021 |

Without the right protection from the UV rays that the sun produces, you could find that your skin ages prematurely or even worse.  

As such, you need to make sure that your skin is safe, which can be hard to do when you’re out having fun in the sunshine. 

Thankfully, there are many easy and practical ways that you can keep your skin safe and still have fun in the sun.  Keep reading, and we’ll give you some easy ways to ensure your skin remains pristine, even when the sun is out is full force.  

Year Round Sun Protection for your skin – Choose A Moisturiser With SPF All Year Round

You should be wearing SPF every day, but it can be hard to remember to add yet another product to your morning routine. When selecting a day moisturiser, make sure that it has SPF to save yourself a step in the morning. BYBI offers natural moisturisers with SPF, so you can find one that suits your skin type and keeps your skin safe from the sun. These products contain natural ingredients, meaning that they won’t damage your skin with harsh chemicals.  

Year Round Sun Protection for your skin – Carry Sun Lotion Everywhere  – Even in Winter!

Even with SPF in your moisturiser, you still need to make sure that your skin is protected throughout the day. The protection will diminish throughout the day, particularly if you spend a lot of time touching your skin or near water. As such, you need to make sure that you always have sun protection with you at all times. Put a bottle of sun lotion in every bag you carry and make sure that you use it throughout the day. If you struggle to remember to put sun lotion on your skin, then consider setting an alarm on your phone to remind you.  

Year Round Sun Protection for your skin – Stay Out Of Direct Sunlight If Possible  

Spending time lying in the sun might seem relaxing, but it can be incredibly damaging for your skin. Therefore, you should try to stay out of direct sunlight if possible. That means trying to rest in shade when the sun is out in full force, and to wear layers of light fabric to protect the skin on your limbs and torso. If you do want to sunbathe, then make sure that you wear effective sun lotion and that you reapply it regularly to keep your skin protected.  

Remember To Protect Your Skin All Year Round  

In winter, it’s easy to think that because the weather is colder and you don’t feel the sun as much, that you don’t need sun protection. However, wearing sunscreen in the winter can help you to improve your skin and make it age slower. That’s because the sun’s rays are still beating down on your skin, and weather conditions such as snow and frost can magnify the rays. So, make sure that you wear sun lotion throughout the year. 

Protecting your skin is crucial if you want to enjoy a youthful visage and healthy skin, particularly as you get older. Use these tips to help you to protect your skin and look as amazing as you feel while you enjoy the sunshine.
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