Why Is Your MOT Important? 

Thursday 12th May 2022 |

Do you resent the time and money required to get your car MOT tested every year? Do you keep your car in good condition and resent the need to prove that it is roadworthy?

If you have answered yes to these questions, you are not alone, but getting your vehicle MOT tested is vital, and there are several good reasons why. Let us take a look at why your MOT is important. 

It Saves Lives 

The MOT test was introduced in 1960 after a staggering number of road accidents were found to have been unnecessarily serious, if not completely preventable, if only the vehicles involved had been in somewhat better condition. The introduction of the MOT test was eye-opening, even to those who had campaigned for its introduction: well over half of the vehicles submitted for that first test failed cataclysmically – and it had been a purely voluntary process, meaning that those who gave it a go were pretty confident that their car was in good enough condition to pass! The age of the car and the number of items on the checklist have changed since those first years, when only three items were checked on cars older than ten years, and have continued to do so until today, when the age of the car is three and the checklist runs to over thirty items. But the MOT is a success story: vehicle faults are now responsible for only 2% of road accidents instead of forming the majority as before 1960, and many other drivers are able to brake or steer themselves safely out of the way of a sudden emergency because their own MOT is up-to-date. 

You Have Peace of Mind 

Everyone has days when their brakes feel stiffer than usual, the engine runs a little differently, or the car seems to pull to one side or the other. If you have been avoiding your services and don’t have a recent MOT these signs can indicate a growing problem – and perhaps the seeds of an MOT fail! Knowing that you will be tested in a fairly short time is more likely to spur you into getting strange bumps, noises and knocks checked out, leaving you sure that your car is in great condition and ready for anything the UK’s road networks have to offer. 

It’s a Legal Requirement 

There is no vacillating about getting your MOT done or not: it is a legal requirement and driving your car without an MOT can mean points on your licence, a fine – costing much more than the relatively inexpensive MOT fee, and even the loss of your car. Should your unroadworthy car be involved in a serious accident, you could lose your licence or go to prison if the consequences are severe enough. 

You don’t have to like getting an MOT test, but you do have to do it! Try to appreciate the benefits of your MOT (greater safety for you and other road users) and then grin and book your MOT test as soon as you are in the renewal window: Book your car’s MOT in London at Elite Direct

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