Why Having A Funeral Is So Important? 

Wednesday 20th Jul 2022 |

It is a very difficult conversation to have, but we have often heard our parents say that they do not wish to have a funeral. That it is far better if you would just bury them and be done with them. 

We do not like to hear about our loved ones dying, but death is quite an inevitable part of life. If you are someone who is dealing with the grief and loss of someone close, then the circumstances of the death are what is more painful. 

While you are settling in with reality and not having that person around you anymore, you are suddenly bombarded with lawyer work, wills, and medical responsibilities. This is one of the reasons why many wish to avoid the funeral part.  

Some other reasons are as follows:  

– It is difficult to arrange the entire thing on your own. 

– It could be emotionally triggering to start actively working on someone’s death memorial. 

– Many just wish to be in a denial phase. A funeral is a way to solidify the reality that someone you love has actually died. 

– They do not wish to go through the entire process of calling people and giving them the news.  

However, did you know that there could be so many important reasons for having a funeral?  

Plus, if you are facing difficulty arranging everything for the funeral ceremony in the moment of utter grief, then you can hire dedicated funeral directors. You just give them an idea, and they will arrange the rest of it. 

Why Should You Organize A Funeral Service? 

These are some of the reasons spoken by family members after the funeral. So, here is why you should not give up on a funeral ceremony for your dear departed loved ones. 

Let The Reality Sink In 

When we hear the news of death, especially if it is a loved one, individuals can get caught up in a spiral of denial. They will try to avoid the funeral and keep to themselves just to not face the reality. 

However, funerals are a great way to face the reality and embrace it. The condolences from others, the coffin, and seeing their loved ones sleeping in peace while they cross the afterlife is exactly what they need to accept it. 

Only once they accept it, will they be able to move past it. Remembrance is beautiful and done happily. Although the happy remembrance is not something that will come right away, the funeral is a start to it. 

Funerals Meant ‘Good Grief’ 

Once the reality of death has been reinforced, many psychologists have found that the excruciating pain and the shock blur out. This is when people start to grieve, and being in the company of their loved ones can induce good grief. 

At the end of the day, every human being is born with the capability of accepting death. Thus, they can get to the next part, which is healthy grieving.   

Yes, there are some who might be scared of the idea of acceptance, but to come full circle, that is exactly why you need it.  

So that you can come out of the fear of death and see it as inevitable as it is.  

A Chance To Say Goodbye 

A farewell is always the closure that will help us cope with the grief. There are many who get appalled by the idea of not having the body of their loved one to bury, so they make a stone edifice in memory of them. This is because we human beings always need a form of closure to move on.  

A good funeral is that chance to give a proper goodbye to your loved ones. Plus, you can arrange the funeral exactly how they would have loved it. It is an odd form of nostalgia, and through the support of endless memories we have had with that person, we get the courage to move on.  

You Will Need The Support 

The funeral is a celebration where you call your loved ones who would be equally grieving to not having the dear departed among you. However, support is also important during this time. 

The genuine support will give you a shoulder to cry on.  

There is nothing wrong with accepting that a loved one’s death has caused you grief, and you are vulnerable now. It is never okay to cry and grieve on your own. 

Celebrate Their Life 

During a funeral, you’ll get the chance to look back at the time they’ve spent with you – the close memories you’ve spent with them. Hence, instead of burying your face in utter sadness, you’ll find yourself laughing at their stubbornness, silliness, or even crashes.  

And, through all the calmness, you’ll get the opportunity to focus on the positive influence they have had on you as well.  

Think about the things they said that made you smirk or have a positive view of life. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something worthwhile while having a trip down memory lane. 

Offer Your Support 

Funerals are not always about grieving the death of a person. It’s also about offering your heartfelt support to the people mourning their loved one’s demise. 

Thus, instead of sitting somewhere, pondering about nothingness, you can try talking to people all around you. You might share your memories with them, voice your own feelings about the demise, or listen to what they have to say. 

Celebrate Life After Death! 

Honestly, these purposes aren’t really necessary to do in each and every funeral you’re visiting. However, offering your support and sharing a few kind words with the grieving can go a long way as long as our humanity is concerned.  

We mean, it’s true – organizing a funeral doesn’t always mean that it’ll help the family heal. But, it’ll surely help you get through the primary stage of grief and remember some of the awesome things your loved one did. And that’ll definitely put a smile on your face. 

We’re sure of it. 

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