Vitamin D3 and CBD

Why Do Vitamin D3 and CBD Work So Well: A Perfect Combo 

Friday 10th Jun 2022 |

Vitamin D3 and CBD oil can help you manage the highs and lows of a stressful life, but they can be even more effective. 

If the last two years have taught us anything, we must do everything possible to protect, maintain, and improve our immune system. According to recent research, Vitamin D3 (also called Vitamin 3, Vitamin D, or Vita-algae D3) may be the most efficient approach to providing our immune system with much-needed extra protection. 

Taking supplements would be nothing new for those who lead active lives. Why add Vitamin D3 and CBD oil to the mix? Vitamin D3 and CBD oil can help manage the highs and lows of a stressful life, but they can be more effective when used together.  

The Endocannabinoid System and Vitamin D 

Many of you are aware that the Endocannabinoid System regulates the homeostasis of many bodily functions. It impacts how our bodies regulate essential systems such as sleep, stress response, and inflammation. Because the endocannabinoid system regulates so many different functions in the human body, there are numerous ways for this system to malfunction, such as a Vitamin D deficiency. 

Lower levels of vitamin D have been shown in studies to harm neural and cellular signaling activity in the brain, resulting in a hindered stress response. This means that if you don’t get enough sunlight or vitamin D through some other means, like supplementation or whole foods, your endocannabinoid system can easily become imbalanced, resulting in symptoms like anxiety and fatigue.  

So, What Are Your Options? 

Getting enough Vitamin D can be as simple as stretching out on a sun lounge chair by a pool. Spending 5 to 10 minutes a day catching some rays in your yard is another option. As cultural and behavioral shifts continue, many of us spend more extended periods indoors. Wearing long-sleeved clothing and sunscreen can safeguard us from the sun’s damaging impacts, but an overwhelming number of individuals are becoming vitamin deficient. 

The obvious solution is to spend more time outside and search for Vitamin D in your foods and supplements. CBD is an excellent way to extend the use of stored endocannabinoids and help protect your vitamin D levels. When you combine the benefits of taking Vitamin D with high-quality CBD capsules, you can reap incredible benefits! 

Consumption of Vitamin D-rich Foods 


Vitamin D keeps you healthy while lack of sun. Yellow soft shell D-vitamin capsule against sun and blue sky on sunny day. Cure concept.

Admittedly, soaking up the rays isn’t always an option. There are many motives that can prevent you from getting a decent amount of sun exposure, whether you’re used to cover up your skin outside, you’re confined indoors or housebound for whatever reason, or it’s simply a long grey winter with no signs of letting up. But don’t worry; the sunshine vitamin is also found in various foods, including egg yolks, fatty fish, and mushrooms. So you don’t have to rely solely on the sun to get your vitamin D fix, and you also have an excuse to swap out sausages for some smoked salmon for your Saturday brunch.  

The Health Advantages of Vitamin D 

One of the fascinating processes in the body is the production of vitamin D in the skin, which has been used by humans since the beginning of time. The process is extremely complex, but in a nutshell, it is a collaborative effort between the skin, liver, and kidneys, to transform UVB light from the sun into vitamin D. The amount of vitamin D you produce is determined by a variety of factors, including where you live and skin color.  

Skin pigmentation, or the percentage of melanin in your skin, alters how your body produces vitamin D as the skin absorbs sunlight. People who lacked vitamin D in the past developed deformities, including rickets. Indeed, as humans spread across the world, our bodies and skin tones evolved to cope with varying levels of sunlight to survive.  

There are numerous claims about how beneficial vitamin D is to our health. Research links vitamin D3 to weight loss, depression relief, and, most pertinently, providing a much-needed boost to the immune system, which aids in disease prevention.  

Other recent health claims have indicated a speculative potential for vitamin D to be useful in other ways, such as possibly having an anti-inflammatory impact for people who have various sclerosis, as well as links being made between vitamin D and maintaining a healthy heart. Recently, some intriguing research has emerged claiming that vitamin D may be beneficial to diabetes patients by assisting the body in absorbing more insulin. 

What Exactly Is CBD? 

As the legalized cannabis market takes things to another level, CBD has risen to prominence as a quickly and easily available legal supplement. CBD is one of several active chemical ingredients found in the Cannabis and hemp plants. THC is probably the most well-known because of its psychoactive properties, which cause you to feel “high,” but CBD does not. Instead, it has numerous health and well-being benefits. 

CBD is still a relatively new compound in the health and wellbeing world, with numerous clinical studies underway. However, millions of people worldwide have already reaped the benefits of it. 

It’s evident that there’s something special about this supplement that people can’t get enough of, but why? CBD users are convinced that it has many healing properties; hence it is becoming popular. CBD products are available in various forms, including CBD capsules, tablets, drops, oils, balms, and even chocolate.  

What Is The Function of CBD? 

A notable disclaimer should accompany any assertion about CBD’s effects: according to scientific standards, researchers have only been studying the molecule for a relatively short period. That implies that many questions about CBD’s potential benefits remain unanswered, but there are increasing studies about CBD’s beneficial effects on your well-being.  

We already know that CBD works primarily by interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This is a chain of receptors found all over your body, from your brain to your skin and to your gut.  

CBD ‘activates’ endocannabinoid system receptors referred to as cannabinoid receptors when it comes into contact with them. Scientists believe that enabling these receptors could impact a wide range of body functions.   

CBD Can Help to Alleviate The Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency 

Cannabidiol’s therapeutic and medicinal agents make it effective in alleviating several of the symptoms associated with inadequate vitamin D intake. This key herbal extract is beneficial for improving mood, relieving chronic pain, and boosting overall immunity, all of which are side effects of vitamin D deficiency. CBD is a natural and effective way to balance these symptoms and restore a better and healthier state of physiological and mental wellbeing. 

How to Combine CBD Oil and Vitamin D3 

Vitamin D3 and CBD oil are fat-soluble, meaning they dissolve while exposed to fats. It’s necessary for your body to process these supplements. Vitamin D3 and CBD molecules are too massive for your body to absorb ‘raw.’ So they must first be decomposed into digestible chunks. Healthy fats such as medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) are ideal companions. 

As a result, oil tinctures are the best way to take a CBD-vitamin D3 combination. This type of supplement has been there for thousands of years and is still remarkably consistent. A tincture is simply a liquid mixture of the supplement—in this scenario, vitamin D3 and CBD—and a ‘carrier oil’ such as MCT oil, which allows your body to absorb the mixture more effectively.  


The bottom line is that Vitamin D3 and CBD oil complement each other very well due to the synergy of their benefits. The qualities and benefits of Vitamin D3 complement those found in CBD, thus amplifying the positive effect on your health/lifestyle and immune system. To ensure you get both, CBD capsules combine CBD and Vitamin D3, allowing you to reap the health benefits of both in a safe and measured manner. 

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