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What Type of Roof Window Should You Choose for Your New Home? 

Thursday 07th Jul 2022 |

It’s not enough to simply choose the best-looking solutions when designing your perfect house. To ensure the practicality and comfort of your new home, you need to carefully consider various design elements and choose the ones best suited for your needs. The roof windows are no exception here.   

There are many types of roof windows, each providing distinct advantages over the other.  

The type of roof window glass you choose will depend on the room – a frosted glass roof window will be a much better solution for your bathroom than a clear, see-through alternative. You should also ask yourself whether you prefer uPVC or wooden frames.   

When selecting your ideal roof windows, it’s also important to choose between centre-pivot and top-hung models. Then, decide between fixed and retractable skylights. Finally, if your home design allows it, consider going for a balcony window.   

Read the suggestions below and ace the roof window dilemma when designing your perfect house! 

It Depends on the Room 

Not all roof windows are created equal in terms of functionality. The type of roof window you install in your home will largely depend on the specific room. For example, with a bathroom or a toilet, you might want to opt for a frosted glass roof window to maintain your privacy.  

However, frosted roof windows only let in a limited amount of light, so this option may not be ideal for rooms that need increased natural lighting. If you want to add more light to your home, consider roof windows with clear glass instead. 

For rooms that need more privacy but still require a lot of natural light to properly illuminate, go for a compromise: clear glass with roller blinds. If the window is too high to manually close the blinds, go for a motorised solution that can be operated with remote control. 

Wooden or uPVC Frames? 

Next, you need to decide whether you want the frame made of wood or uPVC. Although uPVC is a more popular choice these days, wooden frames have had a resurgence in popularity lately. 

The main advantage of wooden frames is that they are easier to repaint, meaning that you can update the look of your room without replacing the window itself. They’re also very stylish and can easily make your house look modern and sophisticated.  

On the other hand, uPVC windows require almost no maintenance. They’re also usually cheaper than their wooden alternatives. As such, they’re a much better solution for budget-conscious homeowners. Additionally, uPVC windows often offer greater thermal insulation, making them a better choice for rooms that need to be kept warm. 

Top-Hung or Centre-Pivot? 

There are several main roof window types, but the top-hung and centre-pivot varieties are the most popular solutions. Both types offer distinct advantages over the other, so your choice should be based on your practical needs. 

For example, a top-hung roof window is much easier to open wide, given that the hinges are located at the top of the frame. A panoramic top-hung roof window is a much better solution if you need to use it to move in or out of your house or if you simply need an emergency fire exit. 

On the other hand, centre-pivot roof windows have a swivel mechanism that often allows for 180 degrees of rotation. This means you can open the window fully and clean both sides of the glass from inside your home. This option might be better for you if you want to keep your windows clean as a new pin. 

Make It a Balcony Window 

If your home design allows it, consider adding a balcony window to your roof. Balcony windows provide many of the same functions as regular roof windows, but they also allow you to open them wide and better enjoy the beautiful views from your home. 

Unlike regular windows, balcony windows often open outward, so you don’t need to worry about rainwater, dust, or dirt getting in when you’re looking at the world outside. If you’re planning to build your house in a stunning location, balcony windows might be worth checking out. 

Do You Need a Rooflight? 

If you’re planning to add skylights to your home, decide whether you want a fixed or a retractable solution. 

Fixed skylights are usually cheaper than their retractable alternatives, and they don’t require any maintenance or repairs. However, fixed skylights can’t be opened, so you won’t be able to provide additional ventilation to your home.  

This solution is ideal for rooms that benefit from constant natural lighting, but bear in mind that they’re also hard to clean – to get rid of all the grime and dust, you might have to get on your roof and clean it from the outside. 

Retractable skylights are a more practical solution for rooms that need more ventilation or extra light. Operating them is as simple as pushing a button on the remote control – you can open them fully or partially, depending on your needs. 

It’s even possible to equip your retractable window with a rain or temperature sensor to automate the process. However, this solution is usually significantly more expensive than the fixed skylight option. 


As you can see, there’s a lot to keep in mind when choosing the right roof windows for your home. The type of glass, frame material, and opening mechanism will all make your home more comfortable, warm, and inviting. 

If you love admiring the views or simply want to stun others with unusual solutions, you can take your home design to the next level and opt for a balcony window. Finally, don’t forget about skylights, as they can help you bring even more light into your home. Now that you know what to consider, look at your budget and needs and make the best choice for your new home! Good luck! 

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