What To Do If You Have Bad Neighbours 

Wednesday 09th Feb 2022 |

Befriending your neighbours is not always an easy task. Each household is filled with different characters, some of whom may warm to your efforts less than others.  

Fundamental differences can occur here, with neighbours living entirely different lifestyles and having little in common. Some may throw parties while others prefer quiet and privacy. Trying to find a way to get on better terms with everyone can seem nigh on impossible.  

Of course, experiencing bad neighbours can be taxing on your well-being. After so much stress, you may simply want an escape after so much stress, which is a valid approach.  There are reasons to be hopeful here. Here are some things you should do if you have bad neighbors.  

Move to a New Property 

Evaluate whether your bad neighbours are worth your time. Consider moving on if appealing to your bad neighbor’s better nature is off-putting.  

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Try not to see moving as being defeated. Prioritizing your well-being is always a positive thing.  

Know that you do not need any neighbours to be happy. Travel to your local town or nearby friend’s properties if you are craving social connection. Host Zoom calls or group text chats with people who like you if you feel blue. Skip the steps below by moving on.   

Be a Better Neighbor 

Lead by example if you have the patience and energy to do so. Anticipate your neighbors warming to you if you behave well. 

Set a precedent early for newcomers. Welcome them to the neighbourhood with warm smiles and thoughtful gifts. Offer to help them move things inside or recommend points of interest in your local area. Lend them any items they need, such as tools for any DIY projects of theirs. Attempt to change the atmosphere in your neighbourhood one person at a time.  

See if there are any initiatives in your area that might facilitate connections between you and your more established neighbours. You could always start one yourself if there is not one. Host a garden or house party of some kind so that you can build familiarity and friendship.  

Build a positive reputation for yourself for being nice and friendly. Use that to your advantage when attempting to defuse tensions later. Rally other neighbors to your cause if you need to ask others to keep the noise down or behave more responsibly. Assert your influence more easily and outnumber the bad neighbours.  

Avoid Making Things Worse 

Attempt to resolve differences amicably rather than raising tensions further. Consider how your approaches can be interpreted by people who are looking to cause trouble.  

Avoid writing and sending notes as they may be seen as passive-aggressive. Refrain from making complaints at unreasonable hours in the neighbour’s schedule. Do not copy their bad behavior to even scores.  

Remember that a bad neighbour will look for an excuse to antagonize you and justify their behavior. Consider that your intentions may not matter. Be mindful in your approach.   

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