What Kind of Furniture Should You Get to Complement Big Mirrors in Your Studio?

Friday 04th Feb 2022 |

If you have a large mirror or several of them in your studio, then understandably, finding the right style of furniture to match can be difficult. Large mirrors draw a lot of attention, so finding furniture that stands out against them can be difficult.

Fortunately, there are many different styles that complement large mirrors. If you aren’t an interior designer, it’s unlikely that you will have heard of them before. This article, rather than naming individual pieces of furniture, will bring you a list of interior design styles that work well in rooms with large mirrors:

Modern Contemporary

Modern contemporary is one of this year’s most popular styles. Out of all of the styles to come in this article, modern contemporary is without a doubt the one that works the best with large mirrors. Finding a modern contemporary furniture range online shouldn’t be very difficult, considering how popular the style is currently. Modern contemporary is a fusion of two styles, modern and contemporary. The end result is minimalistic, stylish, and very cool. The two styles work very well together. Additionally, they work very well in rooms with have lots of large mirrors.


Minimalism, like modern contemporary, is one of this year’s leading interior design trends. Minimalism is especially popular in Scandinavian countries and in Japan. The whole idea of minimalism is to own as few things as possible. Large mirrors can be a great way to accentuate minimalist designs, mainly because they reflect the items of furniture, making the room look like there is more furniture than there really is. If you are on a budget, then minimalism is definitely something to consider because you will not have to buy an entire room’s worth of furniture. Instead, you can get away with a few tables, chairs, and a bed.

American Colonial

American Colonial is also very popular at the moment, though due to the age of the furniture necessary to pull off this style, you will need to have a slightly larger budget. The American Colonial style looks very pretty and works very well with large mirrors. If you are interested in adopting this style, then you should shop around at auctions. You can find good deals on furniture at auctions. Your mirrors will have to be in the Colonial style, otherwise, they will not work well with the furniture. American Colonial does not work well when merged with other styles.


Traditional is a style very similar to American Colonial, except where the Colonial style incorporates lots of wicker, rattan, and light oak, the traditional style uses heavier darker woods. Traditional furniture, like Colonial, can cost a lot of money, though it is significantly less expensive than Colonial furniture. The reason for this is that Colonial furniture is in high demand, and traditional furniture isn’t. With that said, any antique furniture in good condition is bound to command a higher price than modern, newly produced furniture. Bear this in mind when you are coming up with a design style, so you can set yourself a budget. As with Colonial furniture, your mirror needs to be in the Traditional style, otherwise, it will look incongruous.


Rustic is another very popular style. It has been going strong for several years now, and likely, will continue to do so. The style is a combination of several styles, including colonial and traditional. An interior in this style will also include lots of natural materials, including cotton, leather, and linen. In addition to natural materials, the furniture is nearly always made out of solid wood. Rustic can be very easy to achieve and works very well with large mirrors. It is advisable to have a mirror in the rustic style also, however.


Retro, like Rustic, is a combination of several different styles. Retro is hard to pin down. It is an amalgamation of past fashion trends, including everything from 1950s trends to the mid-2000s. When done well, retro can look very cool. In the wrong hands, however, it can be an absolute disaster. Retro most often includes pop art prints, ‘50s furniture, and bright colors. As with other styles mentioned here, it is usually best to buy a mirror in the style of retro if you are going to introduce that design to your studio.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is insanely popular in Europe, and in particular, in Britain, where it first started. The style combines vintage and worn furniture, which is usually painted white or cream. Instead of buying furniture that adheres to this style, buy old antique furniture and paint it yourself. Some of the prices asked for shabby chic furniture online are absolutely extortionate. A pine table painted in this style can go for upwards of $800.00, while unpainted, it can go for as little as $100.00. Shabby chic furniture works well with other trends, especially Rustic.

Casual Luxe

Casual Luxe is a look that combines rustic finishes with country-type furniture. Casual luxe gives a casual, but luxury feel to a room. This style, as with the traditional style, uses lots of rattan, wicker, and light-colored oak. With that said, you can also paint furniture so that it appears shabby chic while keeping the room’s overall style casual luxe. Casual luxe works well with many of the other styles mentioned here, and it is very affordable to buy the furniture. You can usually pick up antique furniture that adheres to this style second-hand for next to nothing online.


Finally, we arrive at industrial, which is another of this year’s most popular trends. The industrial style, as the name suggests, is a style that includes lots of cold, sharp colors, and metal. Industrial works very well with modern contemporary and minimalist furniture. You can buy industrial furniture very cheaply online, and sometimes, you can get it for free. As the trend has not yet filtered down to ordinary people, they are not yet selling it for ridiculous prices! If your studio has concrete walls, then industrial can look very cool.

Finding the right style of furniture to match your studio’s mirrors is very important, but also very difficult. With this article’s advice, you should not be stuck for ideas. There are many other styles not mentioned here that you could also consider.

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