What Is Crypto Tourism And Why You Should Be Interested In It? 

Friday 25th Feb 2022 |

Digital currencies are quickly being recognized in the tourism business, thanks to the rise of Crypto currencies.   

There was a lot of activity around Crypto tourism before the pandemic, and there were a number of events and products.  

Cryptocurrency cruises aim to provide a platform that unites like-minded people in the industry while also promoting certain products.  While these initiatives help create Crypto community networks and provide investment opportunities, participants must do their homework before making substantial investment decisions. So, let’s find out what Crypto tourism is. 

What Is Crypto Tourism? 

In 2017, Crypto tourism began to gain steam, but all types of travel and tourism were halted due to the COVID-19 epidemic. However, the travel sector is more receptive to new ideas and learning methods to be more efficient now that more nations have opened and travel has resumed.  Acceptance of digital currencies, according to others, might help the industry recover. Many people are also willing to travel using Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed Cryptotourism and other types of tourism. However, despite market volatility, which has prompted investor fears, the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency business continues to thrive.  


New trips, such as the Coinsbank cruise, were made available as the sector recovered. At the overstock cruise, issues relating to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology were explored.  

Top industry figures such as Roger Ver, a Bitcoin cash promoter, and Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin proponent, were on board. The Mediterranean overstock trip aboard the Oasis of the Seas began in Barcelona and ended in Rome.  With attendees from 19 countries, the 2017 Coinsbank blockchain cruise was amusing and educational.  The trip was more than simply fun and adventure for those paying coinsbank fees; it was also an opportunity to learn. It included workshops, hackathons, panel discussions, and conferences on important Cryptocurrency issues. These events are great for networking, and they feature notable industry people as speakers. The headliner for the 2019 coinsbank cruise was John McAfee, a Cryptocurrency expert. Vitaliy Andrusevich, co-founder and CEO of Coinsbank, also gave a lecture. 

Why Should  You Be Interested In Crypto Tourism? 

More people are adopting digital currencies and using Crypto exchanges such as Redot. Moreover, with the restoration of normalcy, travelers are increasingly interested in using Cryptocurrency for their travels. 

So, check the following benefits of Crypto tourism to find out if they are worth your investment: 

  • If you use apps like tesler trading, you may already have the upper hand in the Crypto market. However, Crypto tourism provides more opportunities to gain knowledge on Crypto investment options and trends. 
  • If you are in the Crypto business for the long term, you must associate yourself with the industry leaders. Crypto tourism is a good avenue to increase your networking strength with these people. 
  • In the digital era, people prefer to go cashless. Although many digital payment apps are already in the market, Crypto tourism will allow more virtual payment methods to gain traction. 

Although the number of participants in Crypto tourism appears to be tiny at the moment, there is a chance that it may arise in the future as Blockchain makes waves in the travel sector, bringing with it a slew of benefits.  

Who Can Use Crypto Tourism? 

The companies have targeted renowned clients and Crypto-rich. On the other hand, normal people who are interested in Crypto tourism or want to use digital money for vacations can participate. It can be utilized for exhibitions, conferences, and panel discussions on Cryptocurrency-related problems, in addition to tours, cruises, and adventure. Few Crypto events have been held in the past for specific goals, such as promoting an initial coin offering (ICO) or debuting a new coin. In the past, such Blockchain cruises were arranged for specific causes. To advertise an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or the debut of a new coin, for example. Therefore, they targeted audiences who were willing to invest a significant amount of money in such Bitcoin deals.  However, now the option is more open so that any interested individual can use Crypto tourism.  

Final Verdict 

The concept of Crypto tours has numerous benefits as well as some drawbacks.  However, the benefits of Crypto tourism surpass its drawbacks, which is why you should be interested in this new investment option. If you need more information, ping us in the comment box. We will get back to you with an answer in no time. 

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