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What Is a Recipe? How Do You Create One?

Wednesday 06th Jul 2022 |

Recipe creation in general has had a very long history. The first known collection of recipes dates back to the first century. However, when someone asks ‘what is a recipe’, the answer is probably different than what was in this collection.  

The best recipe format that we use today originated in The Boston Cooking School Cook-Book. This was written by cooking instructor Fannie Farmer in 1896. Unlike the recipes before it, it had instructions and measurements alongside ingredients.  

If you’re interested in learning how to write a recipe in this format, read on for a recipe guide.  

What Is a Recipe?  

In a nutshell, cooking recipes are guides that tell the reader how to prepare certain foods or dishes. They do this by telling the reader what items they need (ingredients) and how to use them to make the target food (preparation instructions). Many recipes will also have a name and a description of the food or dish.  

You can learn more about each of these recipe parts below.  

Recipe Name and Description  

The name of a recipe is usually the same as the dish’s name. If not, it describes the dish’s contents and/or purpose in a few words. For example, one recipe can read ‘Cinnamon Apple Pie’ and another can read ’30-Minute Fried Chicken Dinner Recipe’.  

After the name, the recipe creator will add an overview or description of the dish. Sometimes he or she will also add a story about the history of the dish or when it’s been used. You can see a simple example written below.  

Classic Grilled Cheese 

There’s nothing that my kids love more than coming in after a few hours of play and finding this classic snack or meal waiting for them on the counter. It’s delicious, easy to make, and enjoyable for everyone.  

Ingredients and Amounts 

Next in a recipe comes a list of the foods and other cooking items needed. These are listed besides measurements so that a cook knows exactly how much of an item they need. You might also see the necessary tools used in the kitchen here.  

The ingredients section in our grilled cheese recipe is below.  


2 slices of white bread  

1 slice of American cheese  

1 tablespoon melted butter  





The instructions section of a recipe gives precise details about how food items need to be cut, cooked, seasoned, and so on. You can find part of the grilled cheese recipe instruction section below.  


  1. Light the stove and place the pan on top
  2. Pour the butter into the pan and let it hear up
  3. Place one slice of bread in the pan

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As a final tip, check your recipe after you’ve finished writing your recipe for the first time. Make sure that all your instructions are clear and correct. You should then have a recipe that many people can easily follow.  

Now that you know the answer to ‘what is a recipe?’, you can learn the answers to many other questions you may have. Check out our hundreds of articles on foods, fashion, travel, and more.  

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