What Are the Different Types of Men’s Shirts That Exist Today?

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Shirts have a long history of keeping men looking their best. First invented by the ancient Egyptians, they’ve come a long way since then. Today there are several distinct types of men’s shirts on the market.

If you want to look sharp and impress your significant other, it’s worth investigating these types of shirts a little further. Understanding what they are and how to wear them will give you the confidence to always look your best.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of men’s shirts on the market today.

Types of men’s shirts – Dress Shirts

Let’s start with the daddy of all shirts – the formal dress shirt.

It’s an integral part of formal wear, whether it’s a tuxedo or formal office wear. The key elements are the style, the fit, and the quality of the fabric.

Style options include straight and cutaway collars, barrel, single and double cuffs. For formal workwear, straight collars and barrel cuffs are practical and comfortable. They look great with a tie and cufflinks don’t get in the way while you’re working.

For a dinner party, it’s cutaway collars and double, or French, cuffs all the way. You can up your dinner party game with eye-catching cufflinks and dress shoes the set off your crisp, white shirt.

Now that shopping online for apparel is so common, there’s no reason to end up with poorly fitting shirts. Websites usually include a sizing guide. This allows you to get the perfect color size, sleeve length, and fit for your body.

Types of men’s shirts – Oxford Button-Down Collar Shirt

Taking it down one notch of formality, we have the Oxford button-down shirt. 

This classic style uses thicker fabric than a dress shirt, a type known as a basketweave. It hits that spot right between formal and casual, allowing you to move effortlessly between the two styles.

Oxford shirts are usually in lighter shades, think white, cream, and pale blue, although others are available. You can pair them with a tie, but they generally look better without.

A classic look is to pair a crisp, freshly ironed Oxford shirt with chinos and brogues. This timeless look is perfect for going out for meals with the family and is a go-to for many men the world over.

Types of men’s shirts – Denim Shirt

Denim may usually be for pants, but let’s not limit it to that. In the right context, a denim shirt can look great, giving you a grown-up yet edgy look.

Try layering it over a plain tee and wearing contrasting pants. A word to the wise: while you can wear a denim shirt with jeans, pick the jeans very carefully.

Wear matching denim on denim and you’re one step away from a denim onesie. Chinos or jeans in a completely different shade are safe choices. 

Types of men’s shirts – Chambray Shirt

The chambray shirt is like the soft, sensitive cousin of denim.

It looks like denim, but close up it’s a lighter weave, giving you a more comfortable experience without any chafing.

It’s definitely a casual look – don’t even think about tucking it into your pants, let alone wearing a tie with it. But if you want to kick it up a notch, you can get away with pairing it with a blazer for a nice lunch.

Types of men’s shirts – Flannel Shirt

A dude standby, the flannel shirt has been giving great service to hardworking men for over 300 years. Typically, featuring a plaid design, it’s now a casual wardrobe staple for men and women. 

This style can best be summed up in one word: comfort. You can get away with this at work if you are working from home with your camera off. There’s no way to dress up a flannel shirt to make it fancier.

What you can do though is embrace the casual look by wearing it open, paired with a block color tee beneath. With nice jeans or pants and a nice pair of brogues, you can still look good around town even in flannel.


The days of society considering a t-shirt a type of undergarment are long gone. And they’re not just for skaters and frat boys. T-shirts have come a long way, and if you get the styling right, they can be a smart addition to your casual wardrobe.

The key is not looking like an oversized teenager and choosing a style that flatters an adult man. Think collars that won’t sag, have fitted arms, and feature prints without cartoon characters.

Mens clothing brand Jasper Holland Co has designed a range of tees to keep the smart shopper feeling comfortable and looking sharp.

Many of the best men’s apparel styles, including the flannel and denim shirt looks, rely on a quality tee. The garment industry is now catching up, providing solid tees that can also work well in their own right.

Polo Shirt

Polo shirts get their name from the sport of polo. As that sport is commonly known as the sport of kings, it’s no surprise that polo shirts can give you a seriously classy look.

The polo shirt is a timeless staple of the apparel industry. Every man should include a selection in their closet, as they are one of the most flattering types of men’s shirts out there.

It takes the comfort of a t-shirt and mixes it with the formality of a collared shirt. This blend means that you can wear a polo shirt to a range of events and look the part. They come in short and long-sleeved varieties depending on the occasion.

But take care, not all polos are the same. Coloring is important and a contrasting color to your chinos can be a great look. Think pairing light-colored pants with a dark blue polo.

Types of Men’s Shirts for Every Occasion

As we’ve seen in our discussion, there are types of men’s shirts out there to suit every man, whatever the occasion. Whether you need boardroom chic, or just want to impress your special someone, there’s a style out there for you. Whether you need boardroom chic, or just want to impress your special someone, there’s a style out there for you. Blank Label offers timeless designs you can choose from while enjoying the comfort of your own home.

Enjoyed this article? We’ve got plenty more hints and tips on how to look your best year-round. Check out our Style section today!

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