What Are The Best Window Dressings For A Bedroom? 

Thursday 17th Feb 2022 |

Do you dislike your bedroom curtains? Maybe they were there when you moved in and you never paid much attention to them, maybe you bought them a few years ago and they’re starting to lose their flair? Well, for whatever reason you’re replacing your bedroom’s window dressing, it is important you make sure you get the right one for you when you replace it. 

In this article, we’ll help you work out what window dressings are right for you and your bedroom, making sure you end up with a stylish, yet practical dressing for your window, so read on and let’s find the window dressing for you! 

First Things First, Think Blackout 

Before we even start to think about whether you should choose blinds or curtains for your bedroom, you need to know that whatever you get should be made in a blackout material. You can buy blinds and curtains made with blackout fabric, so this applies to both.  

You’ll want your bedroom’s window dressing to be made of blackout material so that your bedroom is nice and dark at night, as blackout blinds or curtains will help stop any light from outside leaking into your bedroom, which will help insulate your room from light pollution outside and give you a better nights sleep. 

Pre-Cut Or Made To Measure 

The next thing you’ll have to decide is whether you purchase a pre-cut window dressing, or a made to measure window dressing. The difference between the two is that pre-cut blinds and curtains are ready made to buy off of the shelf but only made in some standard sizes; whereas with a made to measure blind or curtain you measure your window and provide them to a company that will make your blind or curtain to that exact size. 

The flip up here is that pre-cut curtains and blinds will almost always be the cheaper out of the two options, but you have no guarantee that your new blind or curtain will fit properly in your window and you may need to trim it down. Made to measure blinds or curtains come with a slightly higher price tag, but you know that your new blind or curtain will be a perfect fit. 

What you choose is a personal choice, both pre-cut and made to measure each have their pros and cons and the choice should be made on what you value more: spending less money or the convenience of knowing your blind or curtain will fit properly,  

So, Blinds or Curtains? 

Both blinds and curtains have their own pros and cons in terms of how they operate and style, but in terms of functionality a good blackout curtain will do everything a good blackout blind will do and vice-versa so this choice should be more about personal style and choice as either would work well in a bedroom setting. 

Or you could make your choice even simpler, by just replacing the fabric on whatever window dressing you have now. With curtains, just take your curtain off the pole and install a new curtain on the pole, or for blinds, simply just replace the fabric of your blind with a new piece of fabric. This will be your simplest choice and save you money as you don’t need to pay for the hardware on your window dressing. 

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