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Wedding Planning: How Do You Design a Dream Wedding? (Dos and Don’ts)

Friday 25th Feb 2022 |

If you’re like me and the only thing you know about weddings is 1. What your distant cousin did at her wedding. 2. And what classic RomComs like ‘27 Dresses’ and ‘Bride Wars’ presented as the typical bridal experience – And those weddings aren’t your style anyway.

And now you have to plan a wedding for the love of your life and you really don’t want to mess it up…If this is how you feel then you’ll need a wedding designer or a wedding planner. Supernova Wedding Design has it covered for any and all brides. 

The Don’t’s of Wedding Planning

Don’t get too obsessed with Pinterest trends – personal is always best! Your wedding should feel like it’s about you and your partner. Pinterest can give you a million ideas that push you too far away from the two of you

Don’t go over budget. Weddings can quickly become the ‘most expensive day of your life’ and not the happiest day. Set yourself a maximum wedding budget and plan your wedding according to that. 

Don’t forget to hire the professionals! If you plan to ‘diy’ the entire wedding you will overwhelm yourself with the endless details. Trust the people in event planning who are pro’s at handling wedding anxiety and OCD. 

Don’t give in to what everyone else wants. Yes, you have to listen to your mother and father but when it comes to your wedding it’s your wedding. Invite the people you love, play the music you want to dance to and design a wedding you and your fiance have dreamed about.

planning a weddingThe Do’s of Wedding Planning

Make a dreamboard and get excited! Now is the time to buy any bridal magazine you’ve ever seen while standing in line at the store. It’s time to cut out pictures and collage an aesthetic and dream for your wedding. 

Get inspiration and advice from everyone. Listen to your friends, sisters, social media influencers, celebrities and even your hairdresser. Everyone has different taste, which means everyone thinks of different decor, wedding tokens, photographs and details. Their wedding might not have been your dream but there may be a couple ideas to steal from everyone else’s dream day.  

Trust yourself, your first instinct is usually right! If you want or small or a big wedding, a couple bridesmaids or none, a DJ or a band – if you feel a strong pull in any direction, trust that feeling. 

There will be so many details to consider, don’t waste time by delaying decisions you can make early on. Booking appointments and services will have to happen ahead of time, so finalize the details you do know of quickly. 


Hire a professional – if there’s someone available to help make your day easier, hire them. A wedding designer can organize and order the wedding process so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. A wedding designer’s years of experience in the event planning industry means that you now have access to connections and discounts. Not to mention, a cheerleader on your team that will make your wedding an experience of a lifetime and not a stressful time.

Word – Aimee Tong at Supernova Wedding Design

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