Visiting Slovakia; A Handy Guide

Sunday 13th Mar 2022 |

Wanting to plan a trip to Europe, but aren’t quite sure where to go? Why not visit Slovakia! Nestled right in the middle of Europe, you will be pleasantly surprised by what it has to offer.

From gorgeous, sweeping scenery littered with crumbling castles to a rich history and plenty of local customs for you to explore. Here are the top 6 things worth visiting on your next trip to Slovakia.

Visiting Slovakia – Bratislava

Taking the first spot on our list is Bratislava. One of the first things you will want to do is grab a taxi on the taxi Bratislava Schwechat airport route and take it to one of the wonderful hotels in the city. This city is the capital of Slovakia and for good reason. Not only is it a beautiful representation of all the different cultures who have ruled the region mixed into one, but at the very heart of the city you will find a magnificent castle surrounded by other historic buildings.

It has an ever-changing array of things for visitors to see and do with its excellent restaurants, boutiques and adorable cafés scattered all around. We highly recommend that you take a walking tour of the city. This way you will get to see all the secret local spots and really immerse yourself in the city.

Visiting Slovakia – Orava Castle

If castles are your thing, you need to visit the beautiful Orava Castle. Originally built in the 13th century, this masterpiece sits on top of a rocky hill that is draped in a stunning forest clinging to its edges. What makes this castle interesting is the combination of all the architectural styles it flaunts. Each generation was allowed to make its own changes, so we see everything from Gothic features to those found in the Renaissance and more. In all of its time, it has never been conquered. Once there, you can see why for yourself. It boasts an array of gates, superiorly designed walls and many other defenses.

Visiting Slovakia – Kosice

Kosice, on the other hand, has been ruled by everyone from the Hungarians, Turks, Czechs, and Slovaks. Because of this, it has some of the most amazing landmarks as well as statues and monuments that you just have to see. As Slovakia’s second-largest city, you won’t be at a loss for things to do. Much like Bratislava, it offers excellent dining experiences, museums, and a variety of theaters for your enjoyment. Its arts and culture scene is definitely worth exploring. Also, be sure to take a day to explore the old town area.

Visiting Slovakia – Bardejov

If you are looking for something a little different from the hustle and bustle of busy city life, make a stop in Bardejov. You would be hard-pressed to imagine a more picturesque place than the well-preserved medieval town of Bardejov. The busiest part of town is the marketplace, just as it has been for centuries. At the very heart of the town, you will find the lovely Church of St. Aegidius, surrounded by houses from both the Gothic and Renaissance era.

Visiting Slovakia – Slovak Paradise National Park

If infrastructure is not your thing, why not take a trip to the Slovak Paradise National Park. This is a breathtaking part of the country to explore. It is packed with rivers that flow through stunning forests, beautiful valleys, and even some deep canyons. One of its main attractions is the Dobsinska Ice Cave. This is one of the biggest ice caves in the world and is the biggest in Slovakia. The interior of the cave makes you feel as if you have been transported to another world. With its stunningly eerie formations, this glittering cave is truly something to experience.

The park also has an array of trails that you can take to explore the beautiful Slovak Paradise mountain range. Some are more tricky than others, so don’t take a path before doing your research.

The High Tatras

Another one for the nature lovers. The High Tatras area boasts some of the most beautiful hikes in the region and is a great place for rock climbers. In the colder months, you can even ski in this area. With beautiful views of alpine lakes and mountains piercing the heavens, this is a place you need to be.

Slovakia is extremely underrated. From castles and great food to towering mountains and stunning views – it holds a bit of something for every traveler. We hope that you have found this list helpful and that you will take these suggestions to heart when you plan your next trip.

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