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Thursday 06th Jan 2022 |


Have you added Veganuary to the New Year’s resolutions list and now slightly panicking? Look no further than Clean Kitchen Club – London’s hottest plant-based eatery that’s putting the planet first and making it easier to make the plant-based plunge, as they bring vegan to the mainstream.

Founded by Made in Chelsea star Verity Bowditch and former Youtuber, Mikey Pearce, Clean Kitchen aims to normalise plant-based food and get foodies across the UK to live and eat more sustainably. With this year’s Veganuary seeing over 1.5 million Brits adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet[1], there really is no time like the present; even if it’s just for the month.

Sure to satisfy those sudden cravings or when the meal inspiration has run out, dine in across London at Camden and Wembley Box Park or enjoy Clean Kitchen in the comfort of your own home and order on Deliveroo at a touch of a button for the whole of Veganuary and beyond!


Veganuary doesn’t have to be hard, Clean Kitchen focuses on making mindless swaps to vegan options without making any flavour sacrifices – which are also healthy! Whatever the craving, Clean Kitchen has it on the menu.

Start the day with a classic Sausage and Bacon Breakfast Bap or Smoked Salmon Bagel with Cream Cheese for just £6 each.

Choose from a wealth of choices for lunch; you can’t go wrong with either the Meatball Baguette (£6) or the Chick’n Ceasar Salad (£8).

Whilst the Classic Clean Burger (£10) is a signature for a reason, those signing up to Veganuary won’t be stuck for dinner options either. Opt for aChick’n Satay Bowl (£7.50) which comes with brown rice and packed with flavour or finish the day on with a No Duck Wrap (£7 – there is no wrong choice here.

Whether it’s for animal welfare, the environment or simply a lifestyle change, there are a host of reasons to try going vegan. Clean Kitchen isn’t stopping with just its menu, but also happy to help those on their journey, wherever they may be. Whilst visiting the Camden site, customers can ask for advice and understand the benefits of a plant-based diet whilst seeing the mouth-watering meals being prepared right in front of them.


To help those make the plant-based switch and satisfy all food cravings, Clean Kitchen has shared some of these easy to follow tips:

  1. Stick together: Get friends and family involved and help each other stay on track by checking in and motivating them throughout Veganuary.
  2. Get on the gram: There’s a whole host of vegan and plant-based Instagram accounts at your fingertips to gain inspiration of new foods to explore, recipes to try, and the get-to-know on the best vegan products to buy! Our very own co-founder Verity Bowditch recommends @PlantBasedNews and @PETAUK to keep up to date, @AvantGardeVegan for recipe inspo and of course @CleanKitchenUK, proving vegan food can be tasty!
  3. Background check: Some of your favourite sugary treats might actually be vegan, including some biscuits and donuts, so it’s worth checking the back label before forking out on a whole new shop.
  4. Go with the flow: Whether a fully-fledged vegan, Veganuary veteran or a flexitarian, we support everyone and it’s important to just enjoy the experience! Making even a small change can make all the difference and we’re here for you wherever you are on your veganism journey – offering great tasting food that just so happens to be vegan!
  5. Hit list: Be prepared when you go for a food shop and batch cook where you can to get organised. Write a list of all of your needed staples so you don’t get hungry at home. Make sure to maintain your nutrients by sticking to foods high in protein too, such as lentils and hummus, plus nuts and leafy greens for iron.


London’s hottest plant-based eatery has worked with sustainability specialists, My Emissions, over the past year to become the first plant-based food and lifestyle restaurant in the UK to publish carbon values for each of their menu items.

Just in time for Veganuary, the new fully carbon labelled menu launching at the end of this month will include the popular ‘Chick’n Katsu Burger’ (at 0.24kg of CO2e/item) and ‘No-Duck Wrap’ (at 0.35kg of CO2e/item). Leading by example on the way to label food for other restaurants, both are placed in the ‘Grade A’ emissions category, which translates to a ‘Very Low’ carbon rating. A typical beef burger in comparison has a staggering 2.11kg carbon footprint and is rated ‘E’ on the My Emissions scale, the highest rating, meaning a very high carbon footprint.

Check out Clean Kitchen Club’s delicious plant-based menu 

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