Various Roles of Architecture Companies in the UK

Monday 21st Mar 2022 |

The UK has recognized architects globally. So, you are lucky to be looking forward to working with them, whether on a local construction project such as a residential home or an international mega-project such as a skyscraper in the UAE.

When architecture companies in the UK are mentioned, many people think that they only draw construction plans. This is just one of their critical roles, but there are many others.

Do you want to know all their roles to help you choose these companies well? Yes, you do. So, let’s dive into the various roles of architecture companies in the UK.

Drawing House or Project Plans

We have to mention this one because it is their main role. When architects go to school or participate in an internship, they are thoroughly trained in making accurate house plans and drawings. So, if you are looking forward to hiring architecture companies in the UK, this is the main role they will play in your project.

So, what house or project plans do they draw? After understanding what the client wants, for instance, a contemporary house design, a rustic traditional design, a loft conversion, or a property extension, they will settle down to draw the plans. This includes a site plan, floor plan, structural plan, plumbing plan, and electrical plan. There could be more depending on the requirements of the structure.

Building Permission Application and Approval Processing

This is one of the toughest stages for many builders in the UK. The requirements for permit application and construction approvals are not easy, especially if you do not know where to start. Luckily the architecture companies in the UK offer these services, making it a very smooth phase for you.

They take on all the work, and all you need to do is provide them with the necessary information. So, it is a phase full of collaboration with the client. If you are working with Humphreysandsons architecture company in the UK, it will be easy for you because they are experts in this.

Project Management

Do you want to get the best results for your construction project? Then, contract professional architecture companies in the UK to manage your project. First, they will recommend the best building contractors if you do not have one and will work harmoniously with your engineer, plumber, and electrician to deliver high-quality results.

It is the role of architecture companies in the UK to ensure that all the building regulations and codes are followed. Your house plans are used to guide the project and make certain that all service providers are working within the set timelines. The good thing is that they work with you closely to be sure you understand what is going on.

Other Services of Architecture Companies in the UK

Apart from these three crucial roles of architecture companies in the UK, they can also help you with party wall disputes, making assessment reports about your project, recruiting contractors, negotiating service charges, and even selling your property through the right channels. All you need is to visit the website of your preferred architecture company and check the services they provide.

With this in mind, you will have an easy time with a building project. It is all about choosing the right architecture companies in the UK, and the rest will run smoothly.

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