Vaping Whilst out & About

Wednesday 29th Sep 2021 |

While vaping at home is ultra-convenient, most vapers don’t want to confine their cloud-time to the boundaries of their homes or their back patios. 

Especially now with many restrictions having been lifted, when a person wants to vape on the go, one of the most significant considerations is how to transport the vape gear. Naturally, they will want to huff and puff tiny clouds along the way, which means keeping the vape close at hand (and most likely) on their person. 

There is no right or wrong way but, obviously, some carry methods are more beneficial and safer for the paraphernalia than others. The best way keeps the vape gear upright, accessible and secure. 

Vaping Whilst out & About – Pocket Storage 

It seems that the majority of vapers are content with keeping their gear in a front or back trouser pocket. This is not the ideal situation as mishaps can and do occur, such as pocket-dialling button presses, leaking, and even broken vapes when accidentally sitting on them. Cargo pants seem to be perfect vaping pants as they come with various pockets to safely store all the requirements. But not everyone is into cargo pants… 

Some people always carry a bag on them – this is a great method to carry the vape gear. That said, the best option is to slide it into one of the bag’s side or interior pockets to prevent leakage. A box mod could likely fit perfectly into a water bottle slot and a pen could easily fit into a smaller, tight outside pocket. Any bag can be converted into a vape travel system with the correct pockets. A vaper who is adept with a needle and cloth can even stitch on a vape pocket or two for a customised fit.  

Vaping Whilst out & About – Around Your Neck 

Neck lanyards are popular because they are simple and convenient, and many vape pens already come with a loop and clipping lanyard. A lanyard is the best method to keep a vape pen where it’s easiest to use, whether you’re smoking all day or on the road.  So, if it’s a vape pen on a lanyard that would suit best, or a larger mod or tank kit, you can quickly find something that suits you and your new vape kit.  

Should a larger kit be more preferable, neck pouches are convenient as a lanyard may prove too flimsy. Neck pouches are frequently made of leather, canvas, or even knitted or crocheted, and are hung around the neck on a larger, softer rope. These can be personalised and make the perfect gift for vapers on the move.  

Vaping Whilst out & About – On Your Belt 

A strong belt holster for the pen or mod could be the perfect method to transport vape equipment for someone who wears a belt daily. Belt pouches, unlike neck pouches, are more structured, with a robust flap that fastens over the vape and often has an extra pocket or two for a charger, replacement batteries, and a tiny bottle of refill juice. 

Vaping Whilst out & About – Carry-case 

Experts in the vape community will advise that the vaper always keeps e-cigarettes in a travel case designed for e-cigarette storage. Metal carry cases are the most durable and long-lasting but soft cases and leather choices are also available. 

Clam-shell cases come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, with or without padding, and with a variety of compartments. These containers fit snugly into a bag without the gear rattling around, and they can be unfolded into a workspace for on-the-go vape maintenance. 

Most vaping gear is designed to be portable as vapers do not want to be far from their gear when they are at work, on a night out, or even when taking a walk. For this reason, the transportation of vaping equipment needs to suit personal preferences.  

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