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Useful Cyber Security Tips for Tech-Shy Business Leaders 

Tuesday 11th Jan 2022 |

As someone in an influential position within a business, the welfare and safety of your company should be one of, if not your top priority.

Ensuring that the businesses security measures are routinely revised and checked is a top priority for business leaders to protect the company from all threats, including ones of cyber nature.

Risks of this nature can be hazardous, as proven by a study in 2020 that details how 46 per cent of firms reported issues with their cyber security over the course of a year. To diminish the risk of such threats and protect business data, businesses must implement various protective strategies or seek advice from IT services or security operation centre services

in Birmingham or surrounding areas to keep their integrity. Cyber threats can be challenging to prepare for, especially if you’re particularly tech-shy, so we’ve created this article outlining a few helpful cyber security tips to get you started.   

Be Aware Of Phishing Scams  

Phishing scams routinely target businesses due to the volume of emails sent out during each working day. Ensuring you and your staff members are aware of these scams and how to recognise them is the only way to minimise the risks associated with them, as there is no guaranteed way to stop them completely. Typically, phishing scams are presented as emails and aim to impersonate colleagues to make the receiver reveal personal details, credentials or visit a malicious site so malware can be transferred.  You can minimise the risk of these scams by not opening correspondence from people you don’t know, checking if emails are clear and free of grammatical errors, and ensuring that emails containing links are safe to visit or trusted sites.    

Implement Anti-Virus Software and Firewalls  

Another popular cyber security method for businesses is the usage of anti-virus software and preventative measures such as firewalls, monitors and security software. Although the previously mentioned methods vary, they all work similarly to prevent software and computers from falling victim to malware and comprising your data. Anti-virus software and firewalls are some of the most renowned cyber security methods in schools and businesses alike, some of which come automatically installed on electronic devices or are otherwise available for purchase through reputable providers. Alternatively, you could look at outsourcing managed computer support in Birmingham through providers such as Geek-Guru. Consider taking advantage of their consultancy service today and gain strategic insight into your current IT systems or the setup.    

Use Two-Factor Authentication   

Using two-factor or multi-factor authentication is another way to protect your cyber business security, as it helps prevent unauthorised access to sensitive documents and business accounts. Two-factor authentication enables you to add an extra layer of protection to your business by prompting a user for an additional piece of information. Before individuals can gain access, they will be asked to answer a security question or a pin code. Without that secondary information, individuals cannot access the documents or platform, which will help businesses reduce the risk of exposing sensitive information to unauthorised parties and protecting business data.   

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