Types Of Heaters: Which Is The Right One For You 

Wednesday 06th Jul 2022 |

With so many energy-efficient electric heaters, you might get confused about which one to choose. Every electric heater is unique and offers different functionality apart from heating the room.  

Electric heaters are one of the cleanest and energy sufficient options in the market. Unlike other heating options, an electric heater converts 100% of the inputted energy into heat.  

When an individual finally decides to install an electric heater in their home, they might get confused about which one to install. The market has several varieties to offer. To know which one works the best for you, you need to understand each type exclusively. 

Today, we will discuss the different types of electrical heaters, dissect their pros and cons and let you see everything you need to know before making your decision. 

Factors To Consider Before Making A Purchase 

While there are a number of factors to weigh in while buying an electric heater, you must create a bottom line of your electricity bills. An electric heater uses electricity, which means you need to be prepared with an increased electric bill. 

Most people choose an electric heater based on how efficient they are with their energy consumption. If the electric heater is able to save you money in the long run, people will go for that electric heater without a second thought. 

Pumping up heating-related energy costs throughout the winter can pressure you with all the financial burdens and increased energy needed by your home appliances.  

That said, there can be a wide range of heaters depending on what type you are buying. Selection of the right electric heater for your needs means you need to look at the long and short-term budget. 

Types Of Heaters 

By now, you must have understood that there are different electric heaters on the market. All the electric heaters have something unique to offer compared to the others.  

Depending on how you are going to use the electric heater, you can go with any electric heater. Understanding the different heaters and marking their pros and cons will help you select the right electric heater. 

Below we have listed all the electric heater market has to offer. Let’s explore them and see which fits you the best. 

1. Fan Heaters 

Electric fan heaters are available at a range of different prices and manufacturers. A fan heater efficiency can be measured by the fact that it not only costs less compared to other electric heaters it also consumes less energy to perform. A fan electric heater operates by fanning warm air in the room. They are usually small, portable, and most suitable for heating a small area.  

A major perk of having an electric fan heater is that you can enjoy both heating and cooling effects depending on how you will use them. 


  • Energy-efficient. 
  • Heat can oscillate. 
  • Quick to heat up. 


  • Not suitable for large spaces. 
  • Exposed elements can damage the fan. 

2. Convector Heaters 

Convector heaters work on the principle of drawing in cold air, heating the air, and passing it to the room. The best part of a convector heater is that it can easily warm the entire room and not just a selected small area. 

Convector heaters also offer the benefits of operating silently. If you want more efficient convection heating, you can look for convector heaters with micathermic panels. These panels are good at absorbing and releasing heat efficiently. 


  • Quick to warm up. 
  • No exposed heating elements. 
  • Costs less than radiate heaters. 


  • It can overheat and damage itself. 
  • It can take longer to heat the room if it is cold. 

3. Gas Heaters 

For households present in the area where the region is rich in natural gases. You can always have an alternative to choose electric gas heaters over the other options. This way, you can lower your electric bills. 

Gas heaters are unflued, meaning they can be easily portable. Or flued, that means they can be filed in your home. While gas heaters are a good alternative, you must still look into their emission. Go through the side effects the emission can cause before making a purchase decision. 


  • Generate enough heat to warm the entire room. 
  • Environment friendly. 
  • Can last up to two decades with regular maintenance. 


  • Mostly on the expensive sides. 
  • Produce water vapour that can result in condensation. 

4. Radiant Bar Heaters 

These are the same as fan heaters. The only difference is that they use infrared rays to heat the room. The heat is generated by several bars built into the heaters.   

When you are out shopping for radiate bar heaters, you will find that there are heaters with different numbers of bars. Unlike fans, radiant electric heaters do not circulate the heat and operate silently. 


  • Quieter than most electric heaters. 
  • Energy-efficient. 
  • Good people have allergy problems (no circulation of air). 


  • Only warm the targeted area. 
  • Limited temperature control. 
  1. Oil-Filled Heaters

Oil-Filled heaters are also known as column heaters. The reason why they are called column heaters is because of their column-like designs. The design of this heater is pretty simple.  

The device has oil inside it. When an electric current is passed through it, the oil gets heated up and produces heat that can be circulated in the room. 

Given that Oil retains heat for a longer period of time. Even when the device is switched off, you can enjoy the warm sensation for a prolonged period.  


  • Providing long-lasting heat. 
  • It can easily heat large rooms. 
  • Silent while operating. 


  • Slower to heat. 
  • Expensive maintenance. 

Make The Purchase 

Finally, when you are ready to make the purchase, everything will come down to your budget. Go through the pros, cons, and the current budget you have to make the purchase and see what you can afford.   

Expert’s advice: You can aid the heaters to perform better by ensuring your room is well insulated. This way, you can stop the warm air trapped inside the room, making the room warm faster and for longer. 

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