Designing Your House 

Top Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your House 

Thursday 14th Jul 2022 |

Renovating your home can be a mammoth task, and it can sometimes get away from you if you’re not careful. It can also be really disheartening when you finally finish a room and realise that you actually wish you’d done things differently.

For instance, you may have gone for a small panel radiator under the window, but then realised you need to pop the sofa there, making the radiator less efficient. Instead, you could have gone for a vertical radiator on a blank wall, enabling you to heat the room well, and stick to your plans for the sofa. To avoid making mistakes like this, keep reading and discover how you can easily design your house without ending up full of regret!  

Not Having A Clear Plan 

The most important thing you can do when designing your house is to make a clear plan. That means you need to know every single detail that’s going into your design. This will help you minimise the chance of missing anything or doing something wrong. Your plan should break down your home into sections, allowing you to easily see what’s going where and how it will all fit together. Even if you’re bringing in the professionals, you still want to have a plan of action. Otherwise, you’ll end up out of the loop and mistakes could be made. Don’t feel like you have to have your plan memorised though. As long as you can access it when you need it, you’ll feel more confident when making decisions.  


As well as a plan, you also want to limit overspending where possible. Give yourself a design budget that you can actually stick to and will allow you to fulfil your home décor dreams. So many people find themselves spending way too much when designing their home, only for it not to come to fruition or look how you imagined it. Spending money is going to happen but try and be sensible about it. Don’t be afraid to limit yourself a little. You never know when you may suddenly need the extra cash during the build.  

Ignoring Symmetry 

When you think of a well designed room, there are going to be elements of symmetry in it, so you want to try and bring that into yours. An unsymmetrical room can actually feel wrong at times as it draws the eyes into all different directions. Try making sure your design is balanced and pulls the eyes towards the right areas. However, you don’t want things to be too symmetrical that they start to look boring and too much like a show-home. Try keeping the symmetry simple, and you’ll definitely notice the difference it can make to your design.  

Missing The Smaller Details 

Designing your home is extremely fun, especially when you think about all the new furniture you can buy! While this is all well and good, you still need to make sure you pay close attention to the smaller details. You want your design to look complete, and a room without any accessories will just look (and feel) empty. If you’re fitting new shelves, make sure you have some stylish knick-knacks to place on them or if you’ve splashed out on a gorgeous, green velvet corner sofa, don’t forget the cushions. When it comes to designing, the smaller things will actually make the most difference. So, if you’ve finished your design, take another look at it, and see where you could add in some mini accessories to really pull the room together.  

Space But No Storage 

Something that a lot of people forget when designing their home is storage. You’ll soon notice if you didn’t add enough of it to your design when things start piling up around you and the walls start closing in. Be sure to incorporate innovative storage into your design, and you’ll soon find that your house starts to feel way less cluttered and a lot more liveable.  

Forgetting Liveability 

A house also has to be a home, so you want your design to actually be fit to live with on a day-to-day basis. Although you might want to try something weird and quirky, take a second and really think about if you can live with it for the foreseeable future. That bright yellow wallpaper covering in pink and blue flowers may seem pretty at first glance, but can you stand looking at it day in and day out. If the answer’s no, then you may need to rethink parts of your design. A well-thought out design will take the flow of your home and the liveability of it into account, so don’t get swept up in colours and patterns. Giving your design your full personality is fine, and will make for a unique home, but you also need to think about things from a daily life point of view. You don’t want to create a home that gives you a headache! 

Not Measuring Accurately 

Measuring is going to be your best friend when designing your house and you need to ensure that you do it well. Make sure that if you have different units that you convert them accurately too. You don’t want to measure up your sofa in centimetres and then discover it doesn’t fit because you’ve measured the room in inches and your maths wasn’t quite right. If you’re ever in doubt, always double check and then check again. There’s no harm is measuring things more than once just to be sure that it’s accurate. You also need to consider things like measuring doorways and corners so that you can be sure furniture can actually fit through them. You don’t want to order your brand new claw-footed bathtub, only to find out it cannot and will not ever fit through your front door. So, make sure you have a tape measure clipped to your belt at all times and you’ll hopefully avoid any issues like this.  

Designing the perfect home is exciting, but it’s also tedious. There’s so much planning involved and it’s actually a lot of hard work. Becoming overwhelmed with a project like this can be easy to do, so make sure you take time to relax and refresh for the day ahead. Be sure to put your all into your home design, and with a little careful planning, you’ll soon have the home of your dreams.  

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