Top Design Ideas That Will Make Your Garage Space More Practical

Monday 07th Feb 2022 |

For most men, the garage is one of the most important spaces of the house. It truly can be a real sanctuary for the working dad who loves to keep his tool neat and car well protected.

If it is the time of the year, and you need to renovate the house, here are some ideas on how to make the space in your garage more practical and more convenient.

Categorize the stuff you have 

If you are planning on making the space in your garage bigger and saving a lot of it, try categorizing all the things you own and are planning on putting away right there. For example, your fishing roads can be “hidden” away with the help of some swimming foam noodles. Your camping gear should go in a separate compartment with similar gear, while the tools and mechanical items go in the other corner near the car. You can use different color bins, cabinets, or bags. 

Make most of the walls around. Why should your walls be empty and naked, when you can make the most of them and attach some shelves? This way you’ll create some extra space, and put on the top shelves the items you rarely use while the things you need at all times are nearer to the bottom. 

Now the tools

For the tools, think of a separate storage unit with an incorporated working bench. Choose one wall and fill the space with a working bench and up to 10 different compartments to categorize and put away all the tools you have. Not only will your tools be all in one place, but you’ll also have a working space and a place where to put away all the things you need while changing the oil in your car. Nowadays, a popular design comes with a sink, roll holder, slatwall, shelves, and even a den to fill buckets with water and dispose of the extra waste. You can have additional wall rollers to put away your ladder, extra tools, screwdrivers, buckets, and other helpful items you might need. You can connect it with the electrical installation and have several plugs. The possibilities are countless, from the material you can use for the bench to how many compartments and cabinets you want and at what height. 

Letting things hang from the ceiling 

This might seem a bit unconventional, yet the ceiling is often overlooked though it makes up one-quarter of the space. You can attach several different color buckets over your head on the ceiling and use them to store seasonal items you use from time to time. Make sure you put only the decoration and other lightweight items, nothing heavy. Most of these items take up a lot of unnecessary space and therefore the ceiling might be the perfect place to put them away. 

Tubes and buckets

We previously mentioned buckets as a way of keeping things organized and categorized by using different color buckets. Another way to use the tight space in the garage is to put the buckets vertically.

Though this saves a lot of space, it can be quite bothersome to reach any time in the top bucket as you’ll have to put down all the ones below. Maybe a better solution might be the usage of plastic or PVC-made closets with several compartments. This way you’ll have access to every one of the buckets and their content, without having to move anything aside. 

Try tubes for putting away your gardening tools, such as the shovel, rake, hammer, and scythe. Similar to the fishing roads, you can fix the tubes to the wall or make a completely new one just for this purpose out of plywood. Whatever can be put standing straight is better off in that exact position.

Slide compartments and closets 

Another desirable and innovative idea is putting sliding closets on the wall. Every compartment will provide you extra space, and the best part is that the doors won’t bump into each other. Rollout shelves are a great idea to use the corners of the garage, as they fit perfectly into them. 

Another effective way to make more space and to give your garage a nicer look is using nets. A net hanging from the ceiling or from the walls is a great space to put away all the balls and toys your children use.

In the end, it all comes down to your unique preferences and desires, so take as much time as you need. You may engage someone to do an initial drawing merely to get a sense of how it will turn out, and then make changes, adjustments, and add new features and space as you go.

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