Tips To Airbnb Your Home To Fund Family Travel

Saturday 30th Apr 2022 |

It can seem like a daunting prospect to allow strangers to stay in your home, but many Brits are turning to Airbnb to help fund their summer travels.  

Once you get used to the idea and take all the necessary steps to ensure that it runs smoothly, Airbnb is a great way to earn extra income from what is likely to be your biggest asset. Owning a property is expensive, so have it make money for you while enjoying a getaway! Here are some top tips for Airbnbing your home to fund family travel this summer. 

 Advertise your property accurately – and get an online Airbnb valuation! 

Of course, you want to take appealing photos and focus on the positive aspects of your property when advertising it to potential guests, and that’s fine. You can even go a step further and stage areas of your property, such as adding fresh flowers and wine with glasses to relaxing areas.  

The important thing is that you advertise it accurately, though, as once you have a guest in place and are away enjoying yourself, you don’t want to deal with guest complaints. So take lots of photos and be upfront regarding your property’s general condition, size, etc.  

Rather than guess the price, use an online Airbnb valuation tool to get a more accurate valuation. Then, check out similar properties to gauge the right price.  

When looking at other property profiles on the site, look out for what features will make your home stand out above the crowd. Some guests may be looking to work from your property during their stay, but everyone still needs that work-life balance, so showcase how comfortable and cozy your home is.

Review any potential guests’ profile 

Before accepting a reservation, be sure to carefully check their profile on the site. If they have no profile picture or positive reviews, it’s a red flag to take seriously. It’s normal for Airbnb hosts to state that they do not accept bookings from guests who are not verified on the platform.  

Inform your home insurance provider 

It is essential to prevent your coverage from being voided by informing your home insurance provider that you will be hosting paying guests.  

Your premiums may increase slightly, but it will be worth it for the peace of mind. It’s also worth mentioning that some comprehensive Airbnb management services include insurance, so compare all options carefully. 

Prioritize safety 

It is essential to comply with legal requirements, but of course, you want to make sure that your guests are safe while staying in your home.  

Get a landlord gas safety certificate arranged through a local gas plumber. This is a legal requirement even if you only rent your property out over the summer holidays.  

It would also help make sure that working smoke/fire alarms are fitted to every floor of your house and that carbon monoxide alarms are located near any boilers and open fires. 

Prepare your property well in advance. 

It’s easy to underestimate the work involved in preparing your home for guests. Depending on how to typically live, there may be an abundance of personal knick-knacks around the house that will need packing up for storage, and the home will need a thorough clean. So plan it out weeks in advance to avoid a mad rush at the last minute.  

Invest in an excellent critical safe 

You can use a key safe to facilitate your guests arriving, leaving, or changing over on days that you are not in attendance. If preferred, you can secure a crucial safe discreetly to a wall and avoid any face-to-face meet and greets with guests. As obvious as this sounds, whatever you do, don’t forget to put the keys in the safe before you leave.  

Get help with the management. 

If you plan on being away for a while and expect multiple guests, it will be necessary to put some help in place. Some Airbnb’ers hire a reliable, trustworthy housekeeper to assist with cleaning/linen changes. Others put their home in the hands of a property management service that can oversee all aspects of Airbnb the house, from advertising it right through to cleaning and linen services, insurance, and more. 

Put a welcome pack together. 

It’s a good idea to leave your guests with a welcome pack that includes various important information. This could include emergency contacts, the operational instructions for multiple systems in the house, and even crucial areas and amenities of interest in your local area.   

It’s also an excellent idea to add extra touches, such as providing coffee, tea, milk, and sugar, or even a bottle of wine or some fresh flowers as a welcome gift. Make sure to stock up on toilet rolls, dishwashing liquid, etc., to make their stay more accessible and help secure you a positive review.  

Also, don’t forget to alert them to any relevant rubbish and recycling days, or you might come home to more garbage than you bargained for.  

Keep all receipts 

All expenses, such as housekeeping, cleaning and gardening fees, welcome products, etc., are tax-deductible, so keep all receipts and record your outgoings. 

Inform your neighbors 

Let your neighbors know of your plans. This avoids the risk of them alerting the authorities to your house being accessed by strangers, but you will have an eye out for any suspicious behavior. Be sure to give your neighbors your contact details if anything alarming occurs. Most Airbnb guests are respectful and trustworthy, but it’s essential to stay aware. For added peace of mind, Airbnb does provide a ‘host guarantee’ against theft and damage, so if anything goes wrong, you will be compensated. 

Get on with enjoying your holiday. 

Once you are away, try not to worry! The more you have prepared, the less there is that could go wrong. Also, please don’t contact your guests too much once they have arrived. It’s ok to touch base with them on their first day to ensure that they have come ok and can find everything they need, but after that, give them space to enjoy their break. 

Preparation is key
 It’s natural to feel some trepidation at letting your home out, but preparation is key to minimizing stress and the potential for any issues. So, prepare your home well, arrange for the appropriate services to oversee things in your absence, and only entertain guests with a trustworthy and verified profile.  

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