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Tips for Safely Transporting Your Christmas Tree 

Wednesday 01st Dec 2021 |

 It’s that festive time of year again where we can finally look forward to putting up our Christmas trees.  

Studies show that a whopping 85% of UK adults have a Christmas tree up in their household each year, proving that the majority of Brits warmly embrace the countdown to Christmas with open arms. 

Whether it’s a long-standing tradition you always do with the family, or this is your first year opting for a real tree – getting it to your home can be tricky!

Here are some top tips on how to safely transport your Christmas tree this winter. 

Transporting Your Christmas Tree  – Ensure You Clear Out Your Car  

The first step to transporting your tree is getting it in your car – and trust us, this is harder than it looks! Before you can hope to fit an entire tree in there, however, it’s important to remember to remove everything from your boot to ensure you have the maximum space available. This can coincide as the perfect time to finally give your car the clear out it’s been longing for. Whether it’s full of kids’ coats, toys, wellington boots, dog blankets, umbrellas – you name it! It’s time to waves goodbye and store these safely inside (at least for now!).

Transporting Your Christmas Tree  – Securing Your Tree 

If you’ve managed to successfully fit your tree into your car – congrats! The first tricky step is complete. Next, you’ll want to secure your tree safely, so it doesn’t roll around and move position while you’re driving home. There are a few different ways you can do this, the easiest one is to wedge it into place by cushioning it with padding such as bubble wrap or cushions. This should help to keep your tree in place until you arrive home.

Transporting Your Christmas Tree  – Hiring a Van Man 

Of course, if your car is physically too small to fit your tree within it, it’s time to call for backup. If you don’t know anyone who owns a van, then hiring help can make the process of getting your Christmas tree to your home a whole lot easier. Forget getting poked and prodded by spikey needles, or having to spend hours vacuuming your car when the job is done, and simply hire a professional van man to do it for you. Not only will your delivery driver successfully load your chosen tree and transport it to your home, he’ll also assist you with unloading it and carry it to your desired placement within your home, with no hassle and no mess! 

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