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Wednesday 29th Dec 2021 |

The New Year is slowly approaching, and many of us are reflecting on 2021 and re-evaluating our lifestyle choices. The New Year is the perfect time to set new goals and targets, however big or small.

According to recent data, 23 million Brits set New Year’s resolutions in 2021, but despite good intentions, on average, people only managed to keep to their New Year’s resolutions for seven weeks.

With the very poignant COP26 and William’s Earthshot Prize, 2021 has also shown that we must do all we can to protect and give back to our wonderful big blue and look to making changes to help our planet one day at a time. Avallen, the planet-positive calvados brand, shares some New Year’s resolutions you can set for 2022 to help combat the climate crisis and start the year off by making positive environmental lifestyle changes, without feeling totally overwhelmed.

1.    PLANET POSITIVE 2022 – Drink Sustainably

If you don’t want to go cold turkey this Dry January, why not switch up your go-to tipple? Avallen’s sustainable spirit is so good for the planet that it actively removes 2.73kg of CO2 from the Earth with every bottle. The perfect delicious guilt-free tipple that won’t give the planet a hangover!

2.   PLANET POSITIVE 2022 –  Composting

Recycling your food is easy, and organic matter is great for your garden! You can grab a composting bin online from an ethical retailer and use this to collect food waste, which can then be recycled in your garden. Your garden, all the little bugs and the bees will love you for it!

3.    PLANET POSITIVE 2022 – Welcome and nurture wildlife

It’s essential that we all play our part in preserving biodiversity, and do more to preserve wildlife, whether it’s in your garden or on a balcony. From filling up your bird feeder, fitting bee bricks to your exterior or adding late flowering plants, there are a variety of things we can do, no matter how big or small, to support our furry friends.

4.    PLANET POSITIVE 2022 – Reduce your meat consumption

Many of us have become aware of how meat production is negatively contributing to the climate crisis, with citizens across the world changing their diets to become more sustainable. Why not take part in the Veganuary campaign, or look to minimise the amount of meat in your diet to help tackle the ecological crisis?

5.    PLANET POSITIVE 2022 – Use your voice

Now more than ever, it is vital that we wield our power as citizens to influence environmental change to save our planet. Get involved with environmental organisations who are influencing policy, write to your local MP and let them know the environmental issues that matter to you so your voice can be heard. Why not get your family and friends on board with your new eco lifestyle swaps too, to influence your nearest and dearest to do their part for the planet.

6.    PLANET POSITIVE 2022 – Take the scenic route

Instead of driving to every destination you visit, switch up your commute and try increasing your public transport use. Whether it’s getting the train, tram, cycling, carpooling or walking, you can explore new routes and the planet will thank you at the same time. Only use your car when you absolutely have to. If you travel frequently and have the option to, you could look at swapping high-polluting planes for relaxing trains that offer scenic views.

7.    PLANET POSITIVE 2022 – Limit your wardrobe

The textile industry plays a detrimental part in the climate crisis, emitting billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases every year. Look to curate a capsule wardrobe that has you covered for all seasons and minimises the need to buy unnecessary new clothing. Why not attend clothes swaps where you can exchange unwanted items that can be repurposed -without hurting the planet.

8.   PLANET POSITIVE 2022 –  Support sustainable brands

There is a wide selection of sustainable brands out there to choose from who are leading the way for environmental change. From interior paint to planet-positive spirits, there’s a wide range to choose from, and by purchasing items from brands that care about the planet and are bettering their business with eco-friendly practices you’ll be doing your part for the planet.

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