Things you can do outdoors in colder weather 

Wednesday 20th Jul 2022 |

When the summer is over, you may feel like you have to resign yourself to time inside your home, or other facilities, until next Spring rolls around.

However, this may not necessarily be the case. There may be benefits to appreciating the things you can do outdoors in the different seasons of the year. Some of these may also be activities that may not be suited to the hot weather or longer days, giving you more options than before. 


Whether you want to celebrate the 5th of November, a birthday, marriage, or even ringing in the new year, firework rockets can always be an option. Due to the sky getting dark sooner when it gets closer to the winter months, this could allow you to use them without needing to wait until it is rather late into the night. This may also help you to not cause friction with your neighbours, or wake people up. During exceptionally cold days, it is likely that you would have warm clothing on you, including gloves. These could also help to protect your hands when lighting fireworks, or holding sparklers. On a cool, clear night, it may be delightful to watch their colour patterns in the sky. 

Go for walks 

Taking a walk in the woods or local beauty spots might be something you do in excess during summer, but may not think about when it gets wet or cold. In fact, this could be preventing you from seeing a number of creatures who tend to make their appearance in winter. In addition to this, the sight of frost or snow on the landscape can make it seem rather picturesque, which could be perfect for a romantic walk with your partner. By considering outside the scope of the temperature, you could see more, and even learn to appreciate the world around you during different times of the year. 

Undertake gardening 

While many people believe spring is a good time to begin planting, autumn can also hold a number of benefits. Planting fruit trees at this time could allow you to start seeing the rewards of your work in a few months’ time. You may also want to think about bulbs and other plants that you’d like to see blooming come spring. These may flourish when planted before the weather turns too cold. This can also provide you with the opportunity of considering how your existing foliage can be protected from frost and excessive dampness. Choosing to have some winter vegetables growing in your garden can also help you to remain positive about the change of seasons. 

Cooler weather doesn’t need to be seen as a disappointment. There are opportunities to enjoy being outside even when the sun isn’t at its brightest. By taking these, you could allow yourself to spend more time out of the home, and even gain some wonderful new experiences. This could also enable you to appreciate both the warm and cool weather for what they can provide. 

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