The Ultimate Guide To Baking

The Ultimate Guide To Baking

Thursday 24th Feb 2022 |

Baking can be a highly satisfying process, especially if you share your bakes with loved ones. It is a valuable skill, and an art form in its own right that is a wonderful form of expression and labor of love. 

For those who are new to baking or want to take it a little more seriously, it could be worth using this guide to base your research on, and practice certain skills by trying out new recipes that are a little more challenging. 

These are some of the key areas worth delving into to work on your baking abilities

The Ultimate Guide To Baking – Bread

One of the most popular ways that you can explore your baking skills and experiment with different techniques is with bread making. It is definitely a labor of love that takes patience, care, and accurate measurements. Whether you want to experiment with sweet breads or braids, check this out for more information and recipe ideas. There is a great deal of work that goes into making bread, so it is important that you follow the recipe correctly and understand how to knead effectively. 

The Ultimate Guide To Baking – Cupcakes

Another rewarding way that you can make a little treat for someone or even yourself is by baking cupcakes. They are relatively easy to make and can be decorated with whatever type of frosting or decorative sprinkles you like. Cupcakes can also be made more complex with flavors and fillings, too. 

The Ultimate Guide To Baking – Brownies

Brownies are a crowd pleaser, and everybody enjoys the indulgent taste of a fudgy brownie. They are also pretty effortless when it comes to baking them. This is because they can be as complicated or simple as you like. You can even purchase a baking mix from the store that you only need to add an egg or oil to before baking. Have a little fun with it and make them your own by adding chopped walnuts, sprinkles, or a spoonful of peanut butter. 

The Ultimate Guide To Baking – Pastry

The Ultimate Guide To BakingRubbing flour and butter or other forms of fat together is the main skill required when you are preparing pasty, and it is extremely versatile. This is because you can make it into a range of savory or sweet treats. Baking time is a little more sensitive with pastry, because it is usually rolled out until it is pretty thin, which makes it more prone to overcooking. 

The Ultimate Guide To Baking – Skills To Master


Arguably one of the most important things to appreciate about baking bread, kneading is definitely built up through muscle memory. You will find it easier to fall into a natural rhythm of it over time. It is basically done by pressing down into the dough with the balls of your hands and pulling the edge furthest from you around and tucking it under the side that is facing you on the counter. The end goal of kneading is to activate the gluten and ensure that the bread will rise appropriately. 

The Ultimate Guide To BakingMeasuring

It may seem a little obvious, but certain recipes require more careful measuring than others. This is because of the way that ingredients interact with each other and how the ratios can be affected if you have not leveled out your spoonfuls or made sure you have the exact amount of each ingredient. Work on closely measuring everything according to the recipe’s recommendations so that you are more likely to achieve the desired product at the end. 


Another important skill worth paying attention to is your timing. Certain bakes such as bread need precise timing when they are left to prove and bake because too little or too much time can have an effect on the internal texture of a loaf. The recipe usually has recommendations for baking time and proving for a reason, so it is definitely worth following these closely. 


Finally, it is worth working on your folding skills so that you are not knocking any air out of a batter. This is usually for cakes or brownies, and you should gently use a wooden spoon to incorporate the dry ingredients into the wet. Avoid being too harsh at this stage, because it can result in an uneven rise and bake in the end. 


Baking is a delicate balance that is achieved after carefully following certain steps within a recipe, working on your skills, and allowing the right time intervals. Ensure that you are enjoying the process and using this as an opportunity to learn a new skill within the kitchen. It is highly rewarding to bake new things and explore the savory and sweet treats that you can create.

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