Margaret River

The Thoughtful Visitor’s Guide to Margaret River, Australia

Sunday 13th Mar 2022 |

The Margaret River Region extends from Western Australia’s southwest coast into the waters where the Indian and Southern oceans meet, forming a swath of land between the two oceans.

Mother Nature was in excellent shape the day she constructed this pristine piece of paradise. Abounding in resources is the Margaret River Region, or Margs, as its residents prefer to refer to their home.

A playground with magnificent beaches and more than 50 world-class surf locations, it is a haven for families. It’s a pantry, a place where, no matter where you walk, there’s always something wonderful waiting for you. An ancient forest gives way to a coastal heath that is strewn with hundreds of different varieties of wildflowers in this natural sprawling garden.

The Margaret River region spans down the western Australian coastline for more than 80 miles and inland for a further 20 miles before coming to an end. Driving across this distant location is the most convenient mode of transportation. If you’re driving down from Perth, Bunbury is a fantastic location to stop for a break. The town’s beautiful beaches, lighthouse, and laid-back atmosphere are just a taste of what’s to come in the rest of the state.

Busselton, the gateway to the Margaret River region, is located 40 minutes farther down the route in a southerly direction. The wooden jetty in Busselton is the gem in the crown, as it is the longest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. The jetty, which was built in 1865 and has survived fires and hurricanes, is now considered one of Australia’s most distinctive dive spots.

Take the 26-foot descent to the underwater observatory from the jetty’s fire end, where you can see the aquatic life that thrives within the jetty’s pylons. A short drive from Busselton takes you to the start of one of Australia’s most stunning roads, Caverns Road. The road gets its name from the spectacular limestone caves that dot the landscape across the region. Mammoth Cave is one of the most easily accessible. As you descend through a lush forest, you’ll leave the sounds of birdsong in the distance and join a silent subterranean environment beneath the surface.

Margaret RiverAfter passing through gorgeous villages and ancient timber towns, Caves Road finally arrives at Margaret River, the region’s primary settlement and commercial centre. Despite the fact that Caves Road is only 69 miles in length, it might take days to travel the entire length of it. Almost every village and farm gate calls at you to slow down, stop, and take in everything this region has to offer. The products on offer include beers brewed with pure rainwater, ice cream and cheese produced by the happiest cows you’ll ever see, and olive oils and preserves created with passion and love.

Everything comes together in the end, whether it’s the climate, the soils, the people, or the wines. A wine-growing region, Margaret River has been compared to France’s famous Bordeaux region because of its location on three sides of the continent, and because of its almost rain-free summers and proximity to the shore.

Margaret River’s first vineyards were established in the mid-1960s, which is almost yesterday in the world of wine growing. However, it is now home to more than 200 wineries. Cruise from cellar door to the cellar door, experiencing some of the most intriguing Chardonnays, Shirazes, and Cabernet Sauvignons the world has to offer, all while enjoying the company of others. At vineyards such as Vasse Felix, the region’s first, you may sample some of Australia’s most imaginative and scenic meals while you’re on your journey.

All along Caves Route, there are turnoffs to the ocean and side roads to spots that were only known to local fishermen and surfers for decades before the road was built. Cape Naturaliste, a promontory surrounded by quiet beaches such as Bunker Bay, Eagle Bay, and Meelup Beach, can be found at the northern end of Margaret River. The lighthouse at Cape Naturaliste commands a commanding view of Geographe Bay to the west and south, towards Cape Leeuwin. This cape is a fantastic area to see whales between the months of June and December, thanks to the numerous vantage points around the lighthouse.

The Cape Naturaliste National Park marks the beginning of the Cape to Cape Track, one of Australia’s most magnificent walking pathways. The track follows beaches and cliff tops, and it connects a number of locations that have retained their Aboriginal names. Places like Yallingup, which means “place of love,” and Boranup, which means “place of the male dingo,” are examples of such places. Another bay is Hamelin Bay, named after a French adventurer who made his way down this coast in 1801 and named after a monastery in Crete that provided refuge to a local soldier during World War II.

The origins of the names of these beaches may differ, but one thing they all have in common is their ability to nurture and feed the spirit of those who visit them. A whale-watching trip down the coast is a fantastic chance to get a closer look at the scenery. Thousands of whales return to Margaret River each year to breed, carve, and simply enjoy the warm waters of the region, which was formerly hunted to near extinction decades ago.

The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse marks the southernmost point of the Margaret River, where the waves of the Indian and Southern Oceans meet below the surface of the water. Once upon a time, a team of lighthouse keepers worked tirelessly to keep the light on. These days, you can walk up the same stairs to take in the sights and marvel at how the region has transformed from one of Australia’s wildest and most desolate regions to one of its most hospitable. Unlike many other places on the planet, Margaret River is a feast for all of the senses. The town’s tastes, feels, views, and sounds will leave you savouring them for the rest of your days.

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