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The Revival of the Dinner Party

Sunday 05th Dec 2021 |

The revival of the dinner party  has reached a ten year high, with a staggering 147 million of them thrown this year and 2.3 million of us hosting one per week across the year, an increase of nearly a third in the same period pre-Covid – according to research commissioned from Kantar Worldpanel, by whisky liqueur brand Drambuie.

Drambuie also commissioned a survey of 2,000 people which has revealed there are six hosting personality types, which one are you?

The ‘take us as you find us’ (35.1%) 

You have a relaxed attitude to hosting and to the type of food you serve – in fact, it’s unlikely you’ll go out of your way to impress your guests and what you happen to have in the fridge is what you will serve your guests for dinner. Guests lucky enough to arrive after you’ve had your online shop delivered could be in for a treat with as a rack of lamb graces the menu. Equally, if the cupboards are bare, they could also be served a simple pasta dish. For you it’s not about the food, it’s the company that matters.

The People Pleaser (29.1%) 

You just can’t help yourself – you’ll do anything to ensure all your guests needs and preferences are catered for, even if it means running out to the supermarket last thing as you friend failed to mention her new partner is vegan. You are the most attentive host that you know, barely in your seat all evening as you buzz around the table.

The Feeder (18.6%)

For you, food is love and you can’t stand the thought of your guests been left hungry and needing to pop by the chippy on the way home. You’ve probably created several dishes and offer so much food, your guests will all leave with a doggy bag, and you’ll end up eating leftovers for the next week.

The Show-boater (7.6%)

A brilliant raconteur, you like to keep the party going with your amusing stories, often sharing them into the early hours, and encouraging your guests to do the same. Keeping the evening light and entertaining is the goal.

The Perfectionist (5.7%)

You fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson and like to create a dinner with celebrity chef standards, meaning you are in the kitchen all evening perfecting every plate before it reaches the table. To create a restaurant experience you’ll serve a different wine or cocktail to accompany each dish.

The Cinderella (4%)

Let’s be honest, you will be lucky to make it to even make it to midnight! The kids, the job, well it makes it all a bit too much, leaving you to tire easily or peak too soon. As you disappear to bed early, you’ll leave your guests to help themselves to anything they need and then let themselves out.

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