The Ideal Winter Retreat: Turning Your Living Room Into A Cosy Getaway 

Tuesday 02nd Nov 2021 |

As we head into winter, your living room may be starting to feel a little cold in the evenings and weekends.

Your living room should be a warming and comforting environment to welcome you in from the cold outside, and it’s surprisingly easy to transform your space to create a cosy feel with the right decorating scheme and changes. Our simple guide is here to help you turn your living room into the ideal winter retreat. 

The Ideal Winter Retreat – Ambient Lighting 

Create the right ambience in your living room by turning down the lights for a softer glow and that cosy feel. If you’re lucky enough to have a working fireplace, use it to emit an added warmth throughout the room, but don’t worry if you don’t have a fireplace. You can create this effect with flickering candles placed delicately in focal points around your living room. Candlelight and flickering flames are the ideal way to start transforming your living room into a cosy getaway for the winter months. 

The Ideal Winter Retreat – Window Treatments 

Many people find that even with proper heating, their living rooms still have a draught, and typically this chill is coming from your windows. Smart window treatments not only add the perfect finishing touch to your space but they also provide added insulation to the room, which is essential during the winter months. Faux wood blinds are a popular choice in many homes across the UK as they can be styled for every season while providing the perfect barrier against the cold outside during winter. When it comes to finding suitable window dressings for creating your ideal winter retreat, you want the best styles to provide as much warmth and comfort as possible, which is why you should check out the faux wood blinds from Lifestyle Blinds. These are available in a range of finishes so you can be sure to find some which match your interior perfect 

The Ideal Winter Retreat – Colour Cocoon 

A current trend for livings rooms that is growing in popularity is a style known as colour drenching, where homeowners opt for saturated shades and darker comforting tones that cocoon rooms in colour. While sitting in front of a roaring fire or surrounded by flickering candles, you will feel sheltered and warm while encompassed by darkened walls, woodwork, and ceilings.  

The Ideal Winter Retreat – Layer Warmth 

Even the most summery themes can be transformed into cosy getaways for the winter months with layering techniques. Whether your room is light and bright or darker and moodier, you can achieve the perfect winter retreat by layering rugs and blankets around the space. Place folder fluffy blankets over the back of your sofa and any armchairs in the room for yourself and guests to use when feeling chilly while setting the scene for the perfect spot to curl up with a book and a cup of tea. 

The Ideal Winter Retreat –  Storage Solutions 

Get rid of the clutter to provide your living room with more space for extra furniture like armchairs or padded stools to rest your feet with ample storage. Use a bare wall of your living room for a bookcase that can house ornaments, books and well-placed candles for added ambience to your winter getaway. 

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